Youtube Ruined Subscribers, Email Address Still Has Hope

Youtube Ruined Subscribers, Email Address Still Has Hope
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

YouTube has always been the platform where if you get a subscriber, you can be assured that your next videos will get that many hits. Because you already have subscribers, you don't have to chase new subscribers.

But over the years, YouTube's algorithm has changed. And no matter how many subscribers you have, it doesn't matter now. Even if you have 100 million subscribers like PewDiePie, the world's largest YouTuber, you're not bound to get 100 million views for each of your videos because your videos would not be shown to 100 million people at any given point in time.

YouTube as an intermediary, decides whom to show the video to and when to show the video. Depending upon clicks and all the different parameters, they might increase the viewership or decrease the viewership. It doesn't matter if you have ten subscribers or a million subscribers. They decide who gets the views and how they get the views. And YouTube subscribers are like email subscribers on internet websites. If you have an email subscriber with the client, then you're the one who decides how to contact them and when to contact them as long as you have procured that email address with trust, permission and the due policies of the email web service.

What do you learn from this experience of YouTube subscribers and all the shenanigans?

The thing is, email access to anyone is priceless. Because most people won't change their email addresses for a long time. Maybe never because it is tied to their bank address - all their friends contact them, and it feels like too much hassle. You might have the customer's credit card. But that may change too.

The email address is there virtually forever. And you can contact them whenever you want - as long as the communication is with intent, purpose and genuine. Of course, some people spam all the email addresses. But then they don’t reap the benefits too. It's a two-way process. You give 99% of the time, and maybe you get 1% of the time, but that 1% is awesomely rewarding.

Google is still an intermediary for email deliverability, but it is not as bad as YouTube. So if you're still trying to make a website, social media is not the way to go. Get those email subscriptions with all your marketing, care and trust. It's easy to go and spam people and irritate them, but then it’s easy to lose them too. Sending personal emails one by one over the years is hard work.

Sure, Google is still the largest email provider. But your client can use email clients and forward their all emails to one email provider they like. And thus, it’s not all lost on the email address. YouTube ruined it because they were the monopoly with no one access to its ecosystem.

That’s why if you are the one who is getting up their website - be it for a personal hobby, business or purely random purpose, get that email address capture form on. Get those connections - one by one, and nurture the relationships by sending personal, useful and anticipated emails.

Give, give and give over the years. And maybe you don’t have to ask - the stars will align you by rewarding you. And while you are at it, learn to welcome your subscribers, take them on a journey, find what they want to share, tag them - send more relevant emails. Not everyone needs to receive everything. You will learn, grow and make an impact.