Your Society, Education And The Happiness

The day you are born, you have been asked to do the things which have been done before. By all of us. There is no time or risk appetite to experiment on how you should walk or make things happen.

You are expected to learn the language, behave and follow your parent’s religion. This is the norm and also safe.

Over the thousand years, humans have developed so that you can live a certain way. The food you eat, the clothes you wear and the culture you feel the vibe with – all have been a part of your history.

Geography of the location plays the role too. Are you a Christian or Buddhist or maybe someone who feels a certain way of eating food – can you eat the flesh or drink milk.

At the outside, all of these things seem like small things – but when you add it up, it makes you. The you which has an identity, feel a certain way and does things by the following code. Sometimes the code is written, and most of the nuances are passed down generations.

Being A Kid

When you are a kid, you don’t question a lot – you accept the things being said as truth. Slowly you start to ask questions but depending on your location and culture, you can only ask questions about certain things and not all things.

So what do you do? You do what you have been told – you study, play and try to fit in. Because that’s the best way to not get in trouble. Also, it depends on what kind of beating you will get based on the culture. In some cultures, you don’t beat your kids. And in some, beating makes discipline.

The lens of culture is big and gets blurry. You can see others and accept it as diversity. Sometimes you argue and most of the times – it is because you want to know or reassure that your way of doing things is the right one. But what do you know? You are naive, scared and in confusion.

The other kid looking at you is also in confusion. You both are trying to find comfort in your way of doing things. And while you do that, you try to fight because you want to put others down. But why you do that?

The reason is the fact that you don’t know much. You can’t defend what you do – so you try to win by making others look bad. You call the culture bad, irrational and fake. And go home with all the pride.

But then you realise, if you look at your own culture with a lens – the same one with which you saw others then you will find the same irrationality, fakeness and bad things. And at some point, you do realise it, but then you ignore it.

Questioning Your Beliefs

It takes guts to question what you have been taught all your life. You didn’t ask a question back then, and now you are just scared. Remember, questions are beautiful – they can come out of ignorance, but no question is stupid.

Seek the path to better life, understanding and hope. Because the world is full of good and bad people, but you need hope to live in. The media showcase only the bad and the good gets buried into some corner. The good doesn’t get the good TRP.

Negativity sells – on that note, why you do think it is enticing for media to showcase the battles, fights and all the wrong things. You, as a consumer, is asking for it. Of course not deliberately but you watch it more, interact and demand it. And so they deliver. When a piece of good news comes on, you dismiss it by saying boring.

Remember, you are the one who is changing the narrative because you are giving fuel to the fire. The media companies only want money.

Relationship With Money

Most of the problem of the wicked world would be solved by money. But life is hard. Few people have an enormous amount of money, and many people have none. Forget education and a better life, it is difficult for some to get food for themselves.

But still, they want to read, learn and understand. Like you. Because learning is a tool which can tackle problems like hunger, better life and hope.

Sure you won’t get the job as per your skill, but you will get some job, you will be in a better position to negotiate. And slowly you will get better at it. Money brings food which brings sleep and then you can dream big.

The job economy is bad, and it can get you a decent job. But if you want to break through the noise, you need to persist and take help of the internet. Learn, gain skills and show up at the opportunities, grab them and make the most use of them.

You might succeed, or you might not. Remember if you don’t end up with lots of money, then it means you are bad at making money. And that’s it. It doesn’t mean you are bad or of low calibre or your happiness.

Happiness And Money

Some people have lots of money but are seeking more. Because they find their happiness in more. But since they want more, they always feel they have less. Comparison with others is a big trap because there are billions of people. And no two people are raised alike.

So make a goal of being happy. And first earn for food, clothing and shelter and then work on creative projects. They might or not bring money. But they will bring in happiness and fulfilling experience.

And if you want to chase money, then don’t feel bad about it. Be clear in your intentions and double down on your efforts. Whatever your result, remember happiness is a choice. So choose it and then you will live the best life.

And when you are at a level where you feel privileged, remember to give back to others. Someone helped you too, so return the favour.