Your Response to Customer Alters The Future

It is easy to walk down the road and not help your fellow citizens. Because you don’t care – it’s not someone you know or not someone from your family. This ain’t a personal matter so why invest the time, energy and pain.

But when the tables get turned and you find yourself in a situation, any kind of help is appreciated and hoped for.

Of course, the bystander effect comes into play. But for many people, it is too much to do in a tough situation. You don’t have to go all out for every situation – but the best you can do is stand and ask if any help required. And if you can help in any way, do so. If you can’t help then do some basic things like calling the family members, ambulance so that she can get the necessary help.

Passing the ball is a fun game. You pass the ball and when the music stops, whoever has the ball will sing or dance.

But in real life, you pass the ball as in the problems to someone else. When a customer comes to you with a problem, you will say – it’s because the internet is down or the customer did some mistake or it ain’t the right department.

You try to find everything to pass the problem ball to someone else. So that you can be relieved. It isn’t a process to provide help or solution. But rather a mandatory thing to get done with – the easiest thing to do is pass it on.


When you are in pain, you want it to go away fast. You don’t want to know about the fault, how it happened or what could have been avoided.

You just want the solution asap. Similarly, when you call the customer service for a defect in order, you want to get a refund or replacement. If the customer service girl tells how you are in fault and how you should have taken care – chances are that customer will get more frustrated.

So as a good customer service representative, you need to address the problem asap. Once the customers are happy with the resolution, give some pointers on how to improve the experience, what the customers could have done to avoid that and so on. The problem at hand should be solved first.

Because delaying the solution will make the pain hurt more. And by the time you reach a solution, the pain would have been too deep.

Thus the experience might get hampered. You want to bring in peace first and then do whatever you want second.

The Customer

When the customer calls for pain, put the onus on yourself to solve the problem. The customer is already frustrated – if you tell her a thousand step to resolve the issue then chances are you are doing a disservice.

You are being called for fast action and something to please her from the discomfort. And not add anything more to her pain.

Take the high ground, resolve the issue and make sure the experience is smooth. After a problem arises, the customer service should be more empathetic, quick and flexible so that the customers stick and have a fulfilling experience.

And if you aren’t looking to do that then don’t be surprised when customers talk bad about the experience, don’t refer and you find it difficult to hold high ground.

This of course doesn’t mean that you do whatever the customers say. It is quite the opposite – you do as much as you can for the customers that deserve your attention because you want them customers for longer duration.

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