Your Recall Power Isn’t Great

As you go on with your daily activities, you will find that you miss a thing or two. Put your clothes to dry, call that client, and send in the presentation and so on.

You remember many things just by the nature of doing it repeatedly. And so you don’t forget to brush your teeth, shower or hug your mother. But many things show up not so often – calling your friends on birthdays, meetings with the client, taking that online class, sending in money to grandma, and many other things.

If you can remember all of them and execute it, then that’s a great thing. However, I feel it puts too much stress in your brain to remember the small details.

What if instead of keeping track of 20 different things, you remember only the most important ones and make sure the others get reminded to you at the specific time? So you are constantly checking on time to see if a certain activity needs to be done. Also, you are focused on doing the work at hand, and when you are reminded of the next thing to do, you switch to get it done and then move on with ease.

Reminders and Notification

Google Calendar is a fantastic tool. You can use it to note anything you want to be reminded of later and then boom – you can free your mind to focus on the task at hand.

When the time comes, it will send you the notification, and you can work on that. This way, you don’t have to keep track of anything random that comes your way. All you have to do is put it in Google Calendar and boom you are done.

By doing this, you can see the time left for the day where you can work. So you can only take in things which you can do, and for the rest, you can shift to weekends or reject it altogether.

If you aren’t a fan of Google, then it doesn’t matter. You can use built-in Calendar on your phone or use the general reminder app. The goal remains the same – the UI and the sophistication may differ. But that’s just aesthetics, as the notification pops, make sure to do the work.

This way, you can build a habit around doing the things as soon as it pops in your alert. Your mind is less crowded, and you can work laser focused.


Once you incorporate this habit, your day and sometimes week would be planned in advance. And you will have a clear picture of how your time will be spent.

And it will be easy to analyze them and take appropriate action to include, exclude or modify a task based on your overall goal. Your life would become simpler by getting dedicated free time, which you can block on your calendar for all days.

No more thinking whether you can accomplish something given 10 different commitments. Open the calendar app and just look into it – if you have time then add it or just reject the thing if they want it too urgent.

You don’t need to recall everything, just the things which are vital for you. Rest you can take note of and then refer later.