Your Life Is The Most Important

As you try to adjust in the world, one thing that will strike you is the reality. When you were growing up, you have been taught to do the right things, and wrong things should be shunned.

But real life is quite different. You see criminals doing hardcore stuff, and most of them are shunned by society. And then there are people like you who do the right thing all the time. But surprisingly, you are shunned too sometimes.

And then some people are occasionally good. They twist the rule to benefit themselves, lack empathy and act selfishly. And this behaviour is appreciated in society. Don’t even try to mess with such people. Because somehow you will be blamed and you would be made to feel bad.

For example, if you see a bus illegally parking on the spot. Ignore and move on. Because if the police officer comes, they give the bribe and if you try to reason – they shout and sometimes manhandle you.

You did all the things right, and as per your teaching, you are taking a stand if something wrong happens.

The society shamelessly stands behind the grey person. And you are left to cry, become hopeless and potentially harmed.

Your Moral Values

If you have been raised to do good things and you swallowed all that with a firm belief, then it gets difficult for you. In many instances of life, you are faced with a choice to do the wrong thing and get things early. Or do the things in the right way, and your work will be delayed unnecessarily.

You will be taunted, made fun of and often asked to blur the lines of your morals. But deep down, you are a good person.

And so you don’t budge. Let the others do whatever they please, you won’t succumb to the wrong things. Sure, they can harass, but they can’t take away everything from you. Also, the road is difficult and may be filled with unnecessary hurdles. But you will still reach your destination.

Also, you don’t want to get anything in life just because it is available if you do wrong things. You may not want it in the first place if being corrupt is the only way.

So the struggle goes on daily between you and society. And each day, you die a little, but you still sleep well. You know you aren’t wrong.

Life Risk

Standing your ground is a good thing to do. But never try to risk your life. If your life is at potential risk, drop everything and run.

For example, if a bus is coming at full speed on the wrong side, don’t stand your ground and keep your vehicle on the road. Take a detour, give side. Because it doesn’t matter who is right. And no one will care because you will be dead.

Another example, if a bus doesn’t stop at the bus stop. Don’t chase to catch it because you feel the need to teach her a lesson. Let it go. Wait for the next bus or walk home or catch a lift. Your life is the most important thing than any moral values.