Your Kids Deserve Clean Air, Let's Unite To Save Earth

One step at a time, starting today and starting with yourself.

Pollution Is Real

The fruits, vegetables and all the grains are in abundance. Because of the many revolutions, it took in biotechnology. Now, the food is available to everyone in surplus.

Yet, many people starve every day. So, we have solved the food shortage problem. But haven’t solved how to make sure everyone eats before sleeping.

Similarly, there is an abundance in everything – because of the advent in technology. And you feel like you can live in your house forever. Because whatever you need is there. But after some time, you have this craving to go out. Somewhere in the woods.

And when you take that vacation, you like it because it’s far from cities. You breathe freshness. And you want to feel like this ever.

And when the time comes to go back home, you feel bad. Maybe you were liking the new stay in the woods. But here things aren’t in surplus, it’s just enough.

So, what is the attraction which makes you wanna stay and not go back to the city? Turns out, the air is better in here, among the woods, village and far from cities. You remember and now can feel how bad the air is in your city area.

Industrialism & It’s Effects

The world is a shitty place now. Maybe that’s because now you can access anything from anywhere thanks to the internet.

But before the internet revolutionized everything, there were industries which made sure the world changed. With mega factories in place and everything is new, things were happening at a rapid pace.

Production of the food, candies and clothes in huge quantities. Industrial revolution defined how people will work.

They created the entertainment industry to make sure you have something to relax after working for a full day at the factory.

As a by-product, you got a salary, things to spend that money on and a culture which you can discuss and feel good about. But somewhere your happiness got altered. Earlier, you did less and were happy. And now, you do a lot of things and feel unfulfilled.

Also, the companies did shady things to grow like dumping the toxic chemicals in the river, blowing chemicals in the air and not adhering to the after-effects of their products.

The result is you live in a world where you are getting hit by the effects of the past 200 years of the industrial revolution. Sure, it gave us many things which we should be grateful for, but many grave dangerous things too like pollution of air, rivers and altering the climate.

Climate Change Vs Global Warming

When scientists all the over the world called it global warming, everyone was scared and sure enough, the world is warming. But the rate is slow and in some places, various other effects are happening.

Slowly over the years, it was realized that global warming is a sure thing but the initial effects would be appropriately called climate change.

Because those are happening in real-time, places, where no rain would happen, are experiencing thunderstorm and similar extreme, moderate and limited change can be seen everywhere.

Chances are where you stay, the cycle of seasons like winter and summer has changed. And you might have noticed them but shrug it off.

But if it continues to happen, it will have an impact on the biodiversity and the animals would be hit. And eventually, it will come to us, humans.

So, we can try to avoid it by letting it happen. But sooner or later, it will be affecting you in ways you can’t avoid it anymore. And by then, it will be too late.

Alternatives Exist

And you and I are suffering from this. All the bad things that happened or is happening has an effect on our environment.

The air is bad, the water is bad and there will be a time when it will be so bad that it has to be treated multiple times. And the future doesn’t seem fine if the trend has to be considered.

If you want your kids to live in a blissful environment, now is the time to go for the change.

One of the biggest things you can do is support clean energy. If energy sources you use in cooking, vehicle and companies is impacting environment then now is the time to change it. Or if you don’t have power, at least let the company know about it.

When enough people come together, there starts a revolution. Slowly you will be seeing solar energy, hybrid cars and so on. This is a step in the right direction. But right now, those are in the edge cases.

You have to adapt so that it becomes mainstream and the bad that has been done can be slowly reversed. Because after a certain point, it will be too bad.

One Planet

The scientists and entrepreneurs are searching for things in other planets and moon. But right now, the knowledge is that you have only one planet – Earth.

That’s it.

There is no one coming to save us. And even if there is a place to go outer space and be happy, it will take a lot of time. And if before that, the Earth is damaged, you will have to live in such scenarios.

So, the first thing you need to imbibe is that there is only one planet for now. And for the foreseeable future.

Sure, go on exploratory missions and find new things. But take equal or more effort to sustain and save the planet Earth.

Your kids won’t stay in Mars or moons, they will be living on the Earth. And you are responsible to make the place a good enough place for them to breathe.

Take steps now, educate and do your part. And slowly, it will happen. Remember, you have the ultimate power. You decide for yourself. And when you choose the companies supporting the clean energy, clean air and biodiversity, other companies will follow the suit and things will change.

Let’s do it…