Your Impact As A Person

The world is a big place. When you are born, you feel like that you are the queen of your world. Because your entire world is just your family.

And all of them are busy entertaining you, meeting your needs and taking the supreme care. But as you grow up, you are taught to be more independent.

The luxury which you received as a kid starts diminishing. And you wonder what if you remained as a kid forever. That is one of the side effect of growing up. You realise how hard it is and wish to remain in permanent state of being kid.

And the process is gruelling. You aren’t an adult and not a kid. You are struggling to fit into the larger world. Expectation are more and you are more clueless than ever.

Whatever you do, you are treated as an adult. And in your mind you are getting frustrated. No wonder teenagers is the phase where you are the most aggressive and impulsive. Many times you don’t have control, you just react. And everything you say or do lands you in trouble.

The audacity of others is to tell you that you should learn from it. What if they had taught you properly so didn’t made those mistakes in the first place.

Big World

Getting the best student medal in your school is an easy thing. Because as you grow up, you realise that the world is a big place and there are thousands of other schools.

There is no way you could get the best student medal in the total of all schools. But you get demotivated because someone is getting that medal. So there is the possibility but you aren’t able to get it.

This happens in many areas of life. And it hits you like a rock – the world is actually a lot bigger place. And now more than ever you can know the exact details thanks to internet.

Earlier you could have lived your whole life in some place with 3 houses and not care much. But now you connect with thousands of people and reach millions thanks to the social media.

It makes you feel insignificant and thus you hate being an adult more. Being a kid you had the illusion of world being centered around you. And now the world is a huge planet and you can’t do anything that will have an impact on them, so they notice.

What’s the point..? This is the question which keeps popping and makes you go crazy. Wish there was a time machine so you can hop back to the sweet place of being a kid.

Your World

Pleasing everyone is an illusion. No matter what there will be someone who won’t like you or what you are doing.

The alternative is to focus on making the most impact as per your rule and forget about the naysayers. They will keep popping up. And since the world has become a huge place. The haters have increased too. And the problem is that they are the loudest.

For example, if you post a photo and ten people like it then 2 will comment about it. But if 3 people don’t like then all of them will comment. You would be in the illusion that there are many haters but the truth isn’t that.

Also many times you will find that the haters are more. But you shouldn’t mind if the people loving your work exists. Focus on that group.

Sure the world has increased but there is no way you can have the impact on everyone. So don’t even try. Focus on your world. Even if you can impact one person then that’s a lot.

My advice is to focus on yourself. Make things easy for yourself, do the right thing and be generous. With your work, someone will get impacted along the way.

The Big Picture

Even if you live your life to the fullest, you will have some impact in the larger picture.

The world is constantly changing and thus it needs contribution from everyone. Even you. Sure you alone can’t change the world. And that same is true for everyone in the planet Earth.

But the contribution is required from everyone and then it becomes a big enough collective effort and the world is changed. So the conclusion is you alone can’t and can change the world.

But either way don’t obsess about it. The primary goal of yours should be to focus on yourself. Your life is precious – live it to the best possible way, help if you can, make meaningful conversation, do the generous work and focus on being happy.

Slowly the cultural shift will happen. It’s a big society and culture associated with it. And thus needs time.

Being Happy

The best goal is to be happy. If you are looking for happiness in something that will come then you are looking for serious disappointment.

The biggest source of happiness comes from within. Also the more you practice being happy the way you are, you will live a good life.

Buying many things, having multiple relationships and many other fixes will lead to a downfall if you aren’t happy with yourself in the first place. The other things in life can amplify your state of mind. So if you are a persons with sadness and jealousy, it will get amplified with more money.

So improve your state of mind and try to become a better person. That way you can be happy now and more if you become more successful.

Another state of mind which can give you peace is the indifference one. It is a difficult one but can be achieved.

For being happy, you need to be sad at some point. But if you are indifferent then you can enjoy the things as they come. This is a difficult and higher nirvana state. You can try – regardless stay happy in your current situation. That’s the best you can do to impact the world.