Your First Love Would Probably End Up In Breakup

And she said, ‘I will never leave you’. Just before the breakup day. And you cried a lot. Because that’s what first break up does to you.

Here are all the things you can keep in mind. So that your first love journey is amazing. And not awkward, trying to be cool.


When you fall in love the first time, don’t think about how it will end. That’s bad. Enjoy the process. And better, invest your energy to make it successful.

Although it happens rarely, when the first love becomes successful – it’s magical. So, think like it will last forever. Invest in your love life. Buy roses, be creative and be honest.

Embrace the new feeling. And go out on trips. Together so you can talk. And bond. You can even go ahead and introduce the family members. Doesn’t matter, if this will last or not. Till the time, you are invested, you go all in.

That’s how you make sure you get the best out of any love relationship. Being there 100 percent in the moment.

Enjoy The Moment

From the first hand holding to the first hug. Feel it. Take your time. Don’t rush it. Let the things unfold as you understand this new feeling.

This is precious. Your first love will let you experience the butterflies in the stomach. And you will create memories which will last a lifetime.

Sure, you will fall in love again. But those memories and moments will stay with you. And when you will think about them, it will bring a smile to your face.

Cry Over Break Up

Chances are that you will end up on a break up. And it will hurt a lot. You will feel like the whole world isn’t worth it.

At this moment, cry. Talk with your loved ones. And let the pain hit you. Embrace the pain. Don’t let it paralyse you. Instead, take it with a positive attitude. For you to gain happiness, you should be ready to gain pain too.

That’s the cycle of life. It will take time – months and sometimes years to get over it. In the meantime, keep having talks with someone you trust. Open up. Cry multiple times. The best advice is to be busy in some new activities.

Remember, time heals everything. No matter how hard, big or devastating it seems. Just give it time.

Learn, It’s A Process

Remember, in life you don’t win or lose. You learn all along. And slowly you realize that the current moment is awesome. As long as you have a learning attitude.

Your first love will teach you many things. If it succeeds, you will experience love like never before. And it will be something very few will experience. And you are one among them.

If it doesn’t succeed then it will teach you many things about yourself. Which you can use to grow as a person. And then when you fall in love again, you will do better. And the bonds which you will make will be like none other.

Regardless, never fear to fall in love. It’s an amazing feeling.