Your Definition Of Enough

If you keep comparing with others, then you will never be satisfied. The key is to seek thrill in life and not more of something.

Be it relationships, money or fame – you have to decide what is enough for you.

And then when you reach that stage, stop chasing that. Now keep seeking thrill.

For example, if you decide having 1 million dollars is enough for you. Stop chasing money when you have 1 million dollars.

Of course it doesn’t mean you quit your job or something like that. It means whatever you do – money shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

Of course your definition of enough might get change. But have one.

So you know to stop the game of chasing when you have arrived.

Life is to seek thrill, enjoy and be happy. The game needs to be end or you need to be aware that you are playing a game, if forever.