Your Body Is Going To Get Weaker

College days are the best because you fall in love, make memories of a lifetime and experience the transition of becoming an adult.

No matter how reserved you are – you start to enjoy the company of people around. Out of 10 parties, you attend one. Sometimes you form a group among all the people around you – with similar traits like you.

Hangouts after the class become familiar, you eat a lot and skip meals too. The peer pressure builds up, and you do some fun, crazy and weird activities.

Also sometimes you get your addicted into some bad stuff. But overall, you enjoy the process, and the college gives you the atmosphere to develop yourself and make the most of your communication skills.

Despite your schedule of taking long classes, eating lots of junk foods and doing sports at a crazy level – you are fine.

There is no stress, no body pain and no signs of obesity. Of course, not applicable to everyone. But this applies to the majority of your friends, including you. There doesn’t seem to be a problem even if you gulp down aerated drink every day. Your body seems more beautiful every day

Simple Equation

This is the dream phase for anyone. If you are working at a 9 to 5 job, then chances are you find it challenging to find time to do gym. Even though you eat food from home, you are putting on weight. And it’s a slow progression – you are realizing you are becoming fat but not at a rate, you would get alarmed.

You see your college photos and smile because you were thin and able to do many things. The equation is simple – when you were at the college, your activities were massive.

Running, doing work and then running again was required from you. Add to that, you went to hang out places often – mostly by walking because you were broke.

But now the situation has changed. It is no more your job to do the running. Instead, you are expected to sit at the same place and do nothing with your physical movements.

Chances are you didn’t move from your chair from the past 2 hours, and now you realize it. The food intake has remained the same, but the activity has reduced by a considerable margin.

The outcome is protruding from your belly. And it’s not good. If you are okay with how it looks, then you will let it happen more and then it will spiral into something big – which isn’t a pleasant thing.

Weak Body

Unlike your smartphone, you have one body. And if you mess that up, your old age will be in agony. It is easy to drift with an unhealthy body in your 20s or 30s. But once you get past the age of 40 and realize you are getting old, it gets bad fast.

You get prone to diseases, the body aches and the movement gets restricted. And this happens because you didn’t take proper care of your body when you were young.

Yes, mental energy is needed to be in peace. But if you plan on living a longer life, then it is better if you have a body to match that longevity.

Or you would be in constant pain, dependency and fear. Being old is no fun when you can’t do the simple things with ease.

Now Is the Time

So yes, don’t wait for things to become bad. You might be fit now, or you can run with a belly, but that would change with time.

So incorporate a healthy eating habit and an exercise regime as per your fitness requirement. Once you do that, your body will be in good shape to do things like stretching, running and doing basic things.

This would seem like an okay thing. But your body will thank you later once you start getting old.

Like all the things in life, now is the time to prepare yourself for the calamities which will come in future years. Your body isn’t getting any stronger naturally, so let’s make it flexible and in the right condition.