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You Will Repeat Things

And it is okay.

If you fret about the things you wish to say then you will end up not saying anything. And it will then become a disaster.

When your boyfriend asks you how was the day – the answer will be repetitive more times. But it is not something which you do for unique experience each time. It is a constant persistence that you care.

Showing your affection is best showed by the numerous repetitive things you do over the course of your life time.

And it’s okay. If you expect the things to become awesome every night then it will become paradox – so just do it diligently and don’t worry about becoming boring per se repetitive.

It Changes

When you think about anything that you intend to do daily – for example writing. Then many topics will come to your mind. And many of them will eventually repeat if you do it for a longer duration.

But it doesn’t matter. Because chances are your perspective might have changed. Or the audience needs to be reminded of that idea again.

So the key idea here is persistence. Do the same laps of swimming, go to eat at same restaurant – make sure you have a good time.

And if you are someone who wants to matter then be happy as long as you keep making impact.

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