You Will Probably Fail But Still Sign Up

A new yoga studio opened up near your home. And you see people coming out of that place daily – many of whom see happy, smiling, at peace. Deep down you want to check out the place. But you don’t want to do yoga, you would rather do some basic stretches and be fine with it. Because you are more of a body building girl than someone who will do weird poses all day.

But the temptation to go in is high. Some of the people are your friends and they speak highly of the experience which they get.

Slowly you look forward to the stories which they have to share. Because it feels like you are somehow living the yoga life through them.

Now you get on to the next stage – enquiring about the fees, trials and the duration of single course. You prepare yourself mentally, although it is something which doesn’t align, you still want to give it a try.

The moment comes and you enrol yourself. You go for the trail version where you go for 2 weeks. And each day you get something different from the experience. You are sincere doing all the things as instructed. At the end of session, you realize you haven’t got what you had experienced. And now you see yourself as someone who failed, got rejected.

The Yes No

The college romance is the most beautiful thing. And still many people don’t get to date while they are in college.

Not because they aren’t handsome, nice or friendly. But because they don’t ask the other partner out.

When you don’t ask someone, you will never know what’s on their mind. And everyday you will be dreaming of the scenarios without knowing if any of this is going to pan out.

Such people want some magically thing to happen which will help their love story.

But no one is going to save you because no one is coming. If you ask now then maybe it’s a rejection. But it’s fine because you can move on to someone else. Also what if it’s yes.

Rejection Is Cool

Not something you want to aim for in life. But if you face rejection that means you tried something out of your comfort zone. It takes courage to do that – if you learn something then it is a win scenario. But if you lose then it would mean you can focus your energy on something else.

So either way, it will help you accelerate your life in the forward momentum. Try something new, do the difficult task and whatever it is stopping you – maybe it’s all in your head.

Speak up and see what happens. You might explore a whole different level of possibilities. And it is just the beginning of good things which will happen.

Also, if you can’t appeal to everyone. Because if you can then you are living in some kind of wrong notion. So rejection means you are real, there is pain but also path to more – in life, possibility and growth.