You vs The Angry Saint

Among the woods, there lived a monk who has devoted all her life in searching for the ultimate truth. She meditated for weeks, didn’t eat for months and deprived herself of many desires.

Slowly she became weak, she got some following and others followed her journey. She didn’t relied on the food because she ate so little. And that she could get by going around in villages just once a week. She didn’t needed any shelter because by meditation she had trained herself to not feel pain and agony.

He stories, teaching and disciples reached far than she could ever. But then the people started doubting whether the stories were real or fake.

And one day, you were to find out the ultimate truth about the saint because you knew a benchmark on which to judge them.

So you went to meet her and she was calm and composed. You asked her about the biggest revelation and she answered that everything is temporary and changing. You then asked her what is the purpose of life – she replied, to exist and be,

Her answers were too good. And a part of you believed her and another part was still not fully ready to accept her as the great.

You went to rest for the day. And you couldn’t sleep because you were on the verge of getting defeated. And she would have won – she was as she was being described. But you couldn’t let her win so easily. So you devised a plan which was evil, something which people probably won’t get. But still you were adamant and firm to try it out because it was your last resort to see for real.

A last trick to perform and then the truth will be out. Because no monk can be testified as strongly as with this method.

Next day came and you went to meet her at the her residing place which was beside the lake. The water was calm and so was she.

Out of nowhere, you started abusing her, ripping her apart with your words. And then you made remarks which would question her morality and values. Since there was no one else, she was left with no choice but to speak badly about you. And then you waited for her to burst. And then waited a few more. But she spoke no words – still calm like the nearby lake.

You then fell down to the knee – you asked her how she is so strong. And she replied. Of course, when I was starting the journey, I used to get angry. And the first thought which came to my mind was – let me fight back with words too.

But then for that, I needed to develop negative thoughts. Slowly I shunned it and now I let you broke so that you realize your mistake.

When anger hits me, I shut up. And usually it does the trick – even if you don’t want to follow the monk’s lifestyle, this is best you can. Whenever you get upset or angry, close all the outlets and sit in calmness.