You Should Know When To Quit

Starting something new is thrilling. And when you think a lot, analyse and take the first step – it’s scary.

Because you did the hard part. Most people don’t take the first step their entire life. If you have something itching you want to do, take that first step.

But then what happens if you do something for a long time – say 2 years. Should you keep continuing or quit.

At such time, good intentioned people might tell you to keep going because you shouldn’t quit. And some naysayers would be laughing because you aren’t going anywhere in your journey.

Let’s talk about pilots. They have a stressful job and the lives of their passengers is literally in their hands.

When something mishap happens, pilot takes a decision. That decision isn’t made in an instant. Because you can’t make that decision instantly. In that stressful situation, all you can do is panic.

The pilot does what she is trained for. She recalls her training and principles – and execute the already taken decision back in training.

Whatever your project, it should have an outcome, an end goal or timeline.

For example, if you are trying to grow Instagram – if you didn’t have 1000 followers in 1 year, you will cease that project.

Or if you want to open a restaurant, you can keep some fixed amount you are willing to lose. After that if your restaurant is not making money, you fold the restaurant.

This isn’t quitting like you lose. Or you don’t have the right attitude. Instead having a plan means you understand not everything is for you.

You are willing to try and experiment. And you have decided what a success means and what a failure means – you quit because you could do something else. Or if you hit that goal, you can keep doing.

But if you are doing something for hobby, passing time – do whatever for however long.

  • Start, try and experiment new projects
  • Whatever it should be – it should ship during a timeline
  • Don’t continue just because you have invested so much time. Quitting will pave the way for new projects in your journey

Keep pushing yourself, getting thrilled and stay happy.