You Should Call Back

Job interviews are stressful because you are trying to sell yourself. Your nervousness shows through your shivers, the words you speak falter, and there is a fear of failure.

With the increase in population and automation at its peak, unemployment hits the market hard. So if you aren’t skilled enough and at the right place, right time then you will not have a job to pay for the food, clothing, and shelter.

I hope the hopeful future will be where all the work will be done by automation and humans will all pursue the creative, scientific, and few left human works.

And the necessities will be provided by the government, and luxuries needs to be bought from the value of your creation. This idea centers on minimum basic pay, which ensures enough money to everyone for their needs. If this happens, then there will be no poverty, only you will be driven by passion or luxuries. But the best part is no one will sleep without food or on the streets.

This is possible with the help of automation when it is driven by good heart people and not someone with capitalism in mind.

Better Recruitment

Recruitment shouldn’t be done the same way it is done in many places. Often the process involves – calling someone with higher qualification than required, giving the arbitrary test to weed out applicants and then pressurizing to accept low pay.

This method treats human beings as replaceable cogs in a machine is fueled by capitalist mindset and doesn’t produce the best work in the long run.

But this is widely used because it gets the work done in the short run and it is easy to do the recruitment this way.

If you are looking for a human being who will do the generous work, be absorbed in work, and respect the team and its mission, then you need to do the recruiting the hard way. First, you need to define the minimum qualification, if any.

Call all the people who apply and then remove the red flags. Apart from that, give a task which will be similar to their job profile. Evaluate them on their task result. Shortlist a narrow number from this and then interview to find the people with skills like good communicator, leader, and willingness to learn.

And boom, you will have created an eco-system where humans are treated as someone who has put their heart, energy, and skills on line. In return, you give treat them well, including giving a good remuneration.

Lost Opportunity

If you are trying for a job, then it makes sense to put in 100 percent of your effort. Some people skip simple things, and it cost them their job.

For example, when applying just because you know you are the perfect match, you shouldn’t skip small details. Fill out the cover letter, put in those references, update your resume, wear decent clothes to the interview.

Even if you are the best person for the job, it won’t matter if you don’t focus on the small things leading up to the job. This attitude might indicate that you will be careless, inattentive, and disrespectful in your role. So the hiring team will skip you. As a result, a fine opportunity will be lost by you because you weren’t paying attention.

And one of the important things many people skip is to call, email, or text back to find the status on their application. Although this seems like a simple thing, it can be the difference between you getting the job or losing the opportunity forever.

Always Remind

When you apply for a job, once the whole process gets over – take time to get back to the recruiter. Something along the lines of – ‘Thank you for the interview, looking forward to your review or feedback.’

This serves as a nice message so that you stand out among others. Also, if your application was hidden by mistake, then it will come to the top again because of this message.

And if you are not going to get selected, you may ask for the feedback about how you can improve.

In either of the outcome, this gentle act of reminding/asking for feedback will help you become better, stand out and possibly improve your chances of success in the interview for jobs.

And this principle applies to other things too – so next time if you are waiting for the response or you have rejected, it helps to remind them or ask for feedback.