You Need To Do Something About It

Being a kid is hard because you are supposed to homework, schoolwork and play a little. A trip to memory lane helps you see that you played a lot and vouched that once you become an adult, you are going to make things better.

There are problems though…

No money pressure, nothing social status and no fear of health insurance not covering enough. These are the highest perks of being a kid – but as you were unaware, your childhood seems hard to you. Now that you are an adult, everything has been flipped 180 degrees.

Problems, problems, and a few more problems…make up your day. Sometimes it is the stress at the workplace, sometimes the bank calls you to remind of the EMI you are supposed to pay. And sometimes you get frustrated because of the way you are treated. Yes, a fellow human being probably going through the same problems is treating you like crap.

Of course, you don’t deserve it. But in life fairness and deserving aren’t something to look for.

Gulp it down and move on – that’s what most adults do. But you want something more – to deal with the noises in your head. Let’s see if this is possible.

Same And Different

Travel on a public bus. With each trip, you will encounter a variety of people. Just observe.

You will find that for the same experience, people react differently. When the bus doesn’t reach on time – few people will complain, few will stay calm and quiet and few will try to help.

For the first batch of people, their day is stressed out, for the second one – it doesn’t matter. And for the last batch, it made them feel good because they could do something to help.

There is a choice to be made. And you make one every time you experience a failure or trouble.

How you react decides how much stressed or cool your mind is going to be. So same experiences – but different reactions.


If some bad things unfold, it is natural to be angry for a while. But if you take that to your mind and ponder over it like crazy then it doesn’t help.

Yes, there might come bad situations. Learn from it and move on – there is no point stressing over it for hours or days. Your mind is essential to do other things in your day. Don’t ruin them because the initial thing got ruined.

It ain’t easy to do this but not impossible. Practice channeling your thoughts, mood and being calm.

Slowly you will reach a state of better composure when something bad happens. Remember whatever happens – no one ruins it for you. You do it for yourself by taking things personally.

And so you have the power to make it not affect you. Now go making something because you can.