You Have To Give A TED talk

Pulling up the shirt, Sneha feels there is no way she can be prepared for the speech. The nervousness are kicking in and there is a list of things which can go wrong. From the stumbling to fumbling – maybe audience might laugh when she fails. And she might go deep down questioning her abilities.

At one point, she is considering whether the speech can be postponed.

Her fingers are trembling, words not coming from the mouth and her confidence at the bottom of ocean. This fear perhaps runs through every person’s first speech facing audience. Sneha who otherwise an accomplished dancer – at her peak, making dance routine which are breathtaking and beautiful. Has become shy of something she is used to doing. Making an act for the audience.

Keyboards Hit Hard

What if the whole speech is written beautiful, recited and practiced with a group of friends. Somewhere along the lines of poetry, making content worth a listen, crafting all the stories which evoke emotion – she began hitting the keyboard hard. With every word she wrote, it gave her a reflection of her journey, making her confident and proud along the way.

The final draft was ready. Some editing needs to be done but otherwise what she managed to write was pure gold. From the tension to surprise to huge success – she had felt all of it.

Her audience would be eager to hear all of it. Get inspired, take away bits where they connect and enjoy the time they had devoted. Sneha ultimately felt confident as if she was showering in milk – the ultimate bliss mostly enjoyed by the God Shiva.

Movies Bring The Best In You

The moment you realize you have the gold – you try to relax. Because cooling down the body is an important step. Sneha jumped to watch her favorite movie – Mr. Bean’s Holiday. Now that she has the content on what to speak – all she needed was some little motivation.

Mr. Bean is such a fantastic character. He is on a journey to do good and makes a mockery of himself along the way. But in the end it all comes together. His genuine steps to improve and help is reflected. And the whole audience makes him the hero he deserves.

Sneha becomes relaxed, calm and confident. There is no doubt about the speech she has to make. Instead she had developed a beautiful mantra – add a bit of smile and everything will look good in hindsight.


It is enough to say – Sneha killed her performance. Much like Batman. She rose like a superstar and everyone was into the story she has to tell.

When you are confident and willing to share the stories ranging from embarrassing to successful ones, people will come and take a deep interest. It makes you relatable, humble and an ode of inspiration.

There are hard choices to be made along the way. And perhaps it is the key factor for becoming the genius. The success doesn’t come with a decided path, easy to follow guidelines and full of praises. It has tough pavements, dreadful scenarios and pressure to make the toughest choices.

Sometimes it might not work. And that is the beauty of it. Because when it works, it does wonders.

Be like Sneha – embrace the uncertainty, make a plan and level up to face any and every challenge