You Have Exceptional Force

As you walk down the hallway, there comes a turn and it is random. But you still make the right turn every time because your mind is wired with the numerous times you have practiced it.

Our brain makes sure the repetitive task doesn’t bother us so it gets stored. And you can do things like walking on the familiar path easily while you are chatting with your friend. You don’t make active decisions like which turn to take, where to stop – it all happens automatically.

And it is the genius of your brain. So if you do a task repetitively, your brain will master it in such a manner that you don’t have to remember about it.

That’s how you can do stunts – it is difficult in the first go. But with practice, your brain stores the information. So next time, you think about jumping it happens automatically without any intervention. The output is the flawless flips and the impeccable landing.

But someone had put a stone at the right turn just next to it. So if you don’t do it slowly you will likely hit the stone.

You aren’t aware of this, so you keep walking and bam, you hit your feet and it hurts like hell. You try to control your pain but you can’t. Your pinky toe is a delicate one and you slow down and caress the feet. Also simultaneously you curse the stone for its place.

Not You, It’s Me

If you rewind a little bit, you can see that if you were walking slowly – then it wouldn’t have hurt this much.

So it is in part your fault that you were in such a fast pace. Let’s keep this blame game aside. And look at the powerful thing that happened here.

Your feet are moving in such an amazing speed that when you come in contact with a stone, it hurts you badly. So you aren’t even aware of your own body’s speed. That’s what happens when you let your body do the work on autopilot.

Similarly, in life, you are more powerful than you think. So when something in life hits you back, remember it is your high speed of growth which you don’t even realize is kicking back because something is on the way.

Move Ahead

When you hit the stone, you didn’t cry there for hours and blamed the stone. Even if you did, the stone couldn’t help you in any way.

Likewise, in life, the problems will keep on popping. You can cry and hope that it goes away. Or you become strong and move on. Because that is the wise option and suitable for the type of growth you want.

Realize you internal power, do more than you can and don’t let the naysayers come in the way and stop you from your trajectory. Be the bigger person and treat people well because it shows your bigger character.

On the other hand, it is useless to do tit for tat. Nothing every productive came out of it. So good luck and go make something.