You Go To Office Daily

While you are in college, you dream big. Because it is easy to see the stars and hope to study them one day. You try sports, dancing and sometimes change your subjects. Your interest changes randomly and you don’t want to miss out on anything interesting.

Earning money is a distant goal and you can compromise on that but not on the creative side. You paint on thursdays, sing on fridays and party all the weekend.

Your family supports you and spending money is nothing you think of unless there is few money left. Then you remember them and ask them for more money.

Better than these days are the school days where you could have imagined becoming an astronaut. Floating in space, drifting away you see yourself smiling. And all of these seems probable.

Only when you go to college, cross 18 years of age – you realize most of the dreams of the childhood no longer makes sense. And some are impossible because of your path you took. For the rest, you can’t imagine do the hard work required. For example, being a doctor sounds fancy but you have to study hard and then practice like crazy to become a doctor. You would better do something else.

This is a phase and it happens with all of us. Going from one dream to another, eliminating one after another until in college, you have 2 or 3 options.

Daily Job

Once you get graduated, the reality hits you. No one seems to pay you for your creative projects. And there is a game being played. If you want the job then there are certain ways you need to answer them.

Lying is inbuilt in the system and the culture is about deceit. Slowly you have to play this game to get a job.

Then everyday 9 to 5, you go to the office and do the work. And for majority of the people, they aren’t satisfied with the type of work they are being assigned. It hurts but you can’t just resign and search for dream position.

And even if you find another job, there is no guarantee that it will be different. If any probability then it will be the same like your previous job where there is politics built in and you have to behave a certain way.

If you do good more then you aren’t rewarded. On the contrary play the games and you might be rewarded. A new culture is being defined and you have no choice but to join it.

Else you would be left behind with less pay, respect and dignity. Sad it is that such are the situations – but you alone can’t change it. Of course, try to do something new once in a while to bring out a better culture. But simultaneously you have to do what is the norm to get what you want.

Your Passion Projects

Yes, most people are stuck in their jobs and it feels like a trap. The obvious remedy is to find a job which you love and pays well so that you can do it with no regrets.

But until that happens, you don’t have to live like a trapped slave.

You go to your job daily, why not do your passion project daily. For example, I love writing so I write daily. It takes only 1 hour of my time. And it adds up slowly. In a year I would have spent 365 hours on my writing. And that is an effect of doing anything daily.

Whatever you wish to do, don’t wait for any moment so that you can go all in. Start today and start small. Even if it’s 10 minutes, the discipline matters and it will built upon it slowly.

So let’s promise no excuse and start working on your passion projects. See you with your creative side everyday.