You Don’t Understand Creative Work

When was the last time you paid for the dance show or theatre or artwork. Chances are you don’t. Either you enjoy them on cable tv as it comes or you are happy when someone showcases them on streets for free.

You like them but you are reluctant to pay for an experience. This stems from the idea that you don’t understand creative work.

You feel that it is an excuse to avoid REAL work. For example, everyone appreciates poetry – but no one wants to buy a book of poetry. Almost everyone likes people doing crazy stunts – but no one wants to sponsor them. It is a difficult endeavor to take when you put your creative juices to test.

The world around is filled with ideas that it is okay to pay for certain things. And it is engraved in our society culture.

But when you flip the switch and see around consciously, you will see many people making a living from their creative work – it maybe stands up, writing books or making art.

This status is enjoyed by only a select few. And rest are lost in oblivion with no good fortune in their near future.

What You Should Do

You need to start. Maybe you consider yourself an artist or maybe you don’t. Either way, if you like something then be open to pay for something which is premium.

For example, if you fancy dance then consider it as an entertainment budget and show your love through money to select good performers as per your judgement.

Because if you don’t then slowly they might fade away. Only a few can sustain for long without monetary benefits. Although it is an art form – it requires time and effort to bring it alive. So a monetary compensation goes a long way.

This doesn’t mean – you have to pay money to anyone. But be open. When you see someone with an art form you have an inclination to, consider it as an option to pay if they are giving you a premium experience. If you do your part then others join in, slowly a culture will be formed around it. And this will be the start of a fulfilling thing for artists.

What About Artist

There are 2 things you need to do. Survival and a good life are what everyone needs. So whatever helps you do that – go and do that. Take that job, do the work and get paid.

Once you are fine with the money and survival – your next step is to evaluate yourself.

What do you want to do next?

If you want to get another job at another level or join some X company then go and learn the skills required and apply. Work your way and climb the ladder.

On another hand, if you want to try something out like freelancing, making creative work or doing some projects – then do them part-time on weekends. This way you can test it out and not go crazy. Because your bills are already paid by the day job you have.

If you do creative artwork then don’t expect it to earn a substantial amount. Be open to the idea that you will earn less and do it to become better. And because you want it to.

Of course, educate your clients and friends on the idea of good work, putting value and so on.

But don’t expect the world to understand you and your art. It’s fine if you can earn an extra grand per month – that is more than worth it for your side project.

Now go make something you will be proud of. I believe in you.