You Don't Know Things

And that’s alright.

There are many things which you won’t know. There is a limit to how much you can grasp and make most of. Other people who are intelligent like Einstein have their lackings too.

It is apparent but there is. Don’t sweat over too much.

Even if you tried to remember everything or go on a mission to know everything then you won’t be successful. There is just too much information available in the world.

And also, that’s not how you are supposed to live.

We as humans have progressed so much because of our collective growth. You know something, someone else knows something and together you create the magic.

So what is the best way forward in this human endeavour.

For starters, be humble despite your knowledge. And stay hungry for new perspectives, ideas and human experience.

There is always something to learn, so do that and elevate your experience. Take your time – enjoy the process – that’s the true purpose.