You Can’t Win With Kids, They Don’t Get Tired

On weekends, you love to sit down and relax by watching your favorite web series. For few hours, you need to forget the bad things and live in the fantasy of action, drama and hope.

And then there comes the scream. Not from the series but from nearby. She is your neighbours daughter who just turned 2.

She barely crawls but still manages to come by and disturb you. There isn’t much you can do, afterall she is just a child.

You go about doing your chores for the day and she keeps crawling everywhere. Often coming on your way and when you feel the anger, she makes her round eyes more round and then smiles.

Kids are annoying, they can make you pull out your hair. That’s why when a kid is born, parents lose their sleep for about a year or two. And maybe for revenge, they let their kids roam in their neighbours home. So they can watch from far your defeat when the baby does something to annoy you.

You As Playing Partner

One day you are tired as hell and want to just sleep the whole Sunday. Your parents are gone out to a marriage function. And then comes a knock on the door.

It’s your neighbour who gives the kid to you and says they are too going out on some function. You are supposed to take care of the kid while they are gone. And it would be about 4 hours before they come home.

You take a deep sigh of relief and give the fake smile. Shutting the door, you look at the kid and hope that she sleeps.

You let her enjoy her sweet syrup so that she sleeps and you too can take a nap. But she doesn’t sleep and tries to pluck your hair.

After plucking her she punches you and laughs. She keeps repeating this for 30 minutes while you get bored.

In between you took a few naps. Now, you are playing with her and enjoying little bit. Though the tiredness still exists, you give in to play along. She smiles more, punches with her tiny hands and you caress her. The bond seems to grow stronger – sometimes with time, you try to cope up.

Innocent – New Perspective

All of your stress suddenly vanishes. After playing for about 2 hours, she goes to sleep. But you think about it. Kids are unique, they play like crazy and don’t get bored. So their source of happiness is little.

And she barely remembers anything so the sadness doesn’t last for long too. You wish – if you were a kid then your stress wouldn’t bother you much.

Now, you look forward to come home and play with the kid. Because it makes your stress go away.

And the best thing is kids don’t get tired. So you can be tired as hell and they will pass on their energy to you.