You Can’t Meet Jackie Chan Or Seth Godin

You Can’t Meet Jackie Chan Or Seth Godin

And chances are you don’t want to meet them. They are your heroes for all the variety of reasons including you can’t meet them.

When your idol is far away, then a specific idea of them starts to take birth. Of course, what they are speaking or preaching is important, good and connects with you. But their physical traits, small annoyances, and attitude can’t be judged from far off.

So you start making assumptions, and if someone is your hero, then those ideas are positive ones.

You expect them to behave correctly, laugh at your jokes, and hang out with you. And if you meet them, the reality can throw you off.

All of a sudden, you will feel your heroes are a different person and all your life you have been living a lie.

The disconnect can be intense. Yes, it doesn’t happen with everyone, but there is a possibility. So if there is someone whom you revere as god-like and can imbibe their good qualities, then let this stage be. Don’t try to interact at a micro-level – because chances are you might see their human side and the magic might get lost.

The Distance

The Internet has made it easy for anyone to connect with each other, become friends and beyond. The six degrees of separation is a phrase which denotes that everyone can be connected with 6 people in between – like a chain.

For example, if you need to connect with Elon Musk then you can reach out to your teacher, then she can reach out their superiors and on and on…

At one point, there will come a person who knows Elon Musk. You don’t know him directly, but with the right 6 people, you can connect with him.

Now that the Internet has exploded, social media is booming, connecting with people who are at the top is relatively easy.

You can follow their social media accounts, provide value, and then reach out. Maybe they will respond – that’s one to one connection, all thanks to the internet boom. But what if you need to connect with them in physical space, then the challenge is real.

The distance still exists – many of your heroes are in different countries, and it is tough to find them at a place, fly there and somehow make your way to meet them. Even if you do all this, you are not guaranteed a shot more than a selfie.

The Other Way

What if it’s okay if you don’t meet your heroes. It’s better this way because you aren’t shattered if they turn out to be not-how-you-imagined.

Also, you can do your best work based upon the leadership they give you. For example, I love Jackie Chan and Seth Godin, among many others. I consider them my mentors, heroes, and someone whom I can reach out.

Jackie Chan is at a heightened level, so it is impossible to reach him on the Internet. While Seth Godin because of his generosity is available to many readers on email.

Although a part of me wants to meet them, hang out and chill – a part of me has made peace with the fact that they are different levels.

And the best way for me to honour them is to take their teachings and implement in my work, way of life and more. So that’s what I do, and I encourage you to do the same, your heroes will be happy.