You Can Unsee But Can You Unknow

Small things add up fast and that’s why you need to look at the habits of the people. Also within yourself, if you wish to change something then you should first look for the habits within yourself – what new things can you add or what old thing can you stop doing it.

Of course, it will be hard and it takes time to bring out the change. But that’s the point. Good things happen because you decide to step up and make the change happen.

One day at a time which becomes a streak of 100 days and then a year or 2. This results in massive changes but all of these happened because you took the first step.

This is a fine example of ‘you can unsee but can you unknow’.

Of course you know that small changes will lead to bigger change in your life. But you choose to unsee that and boom you find yourself stuck in the same problem for a long time than you should be.

And this principle exists in many areas of life – and acknowledging it is the first step to stop unseeing it and boom then you can do something about it.

The Panipuri Wala Story

Once I was going on my expedition of walking for 1 hour in the neighborhood and I took a shade in the nearby panipuri wala – who is a food vendor who serves tasty sour and sweet dumplings.

I saw the stand and my mouth was watering – but I was standing at the angle where I could see the behind the scenes.

The plates on which the customers were served were washed over there. And when she washed the plates – I went into horror. She didn’t use any liquid soap. Simply wiped it with water and that’s it.

And I wondered, many people go over here and it is possible that many people would have seen this. But almost all of them choose to ignore this and gulp down the panipuri.

Of course, not all of them get sick because immunity exists. But it is a risk and it can backfire easily when a sick person arrives at the stall. I used to eat from that panipuri wala too. So I thought what should I do – and after debating many scenarios, I came to the conclusion to not eat over there.

As much tempting it was to unsee but I couldn’t unknow the fact. So I vowed to eat at the hygienic place and if this condition was compromised or I get to know about this then I will not unsee it.

Life In General

Now look back on all the things in your life and you will find that many times you decided to unsee and it impacted badly.

For example, when you were dating – she seemed like a girl who will constantly stalk you. But you decided it is okay and let it happen. Only later in relationship when the bonding got deep, it started to bother you.

But that behavior – red flag was at the beginning, you choose to ignore it.

Same thing happens with the career. When your boss is promoting someone else who is less deserving, you can choose to do something about it or just unsee it.

And if you unsee then it will hamper your career a lot when you stay for 3 to 4 hours. The bad effects of impartiality will deepen with time. And it is your fault because you decided to do nothing about it.

So if there is an area of your life where things aren’t moving as expected – maybe it is time to check if you are intentionally unseeing something.

Go find something which you should see and know and act on it. That is the only way to bring you the change you want.

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