You Can Keep Complaining Or…

Become a part of the solution. A girl was stranded on the road with many strangers. The narrow bottleneck created by the construction made it harder for the swam of people to go through the road efficiently.

Add to this the road was blocked by a bicycle. So you had to make your comfortable with the tiny gap and push ahead.

But doing so you got hit with the bicycle handle. So you cursed and then went ahead. All of the people were moving slowly so that the bicycle handle won’t pierce them. And then complain about why the bicycle shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Somehow the definition of sheep mentality came into my mind. You are following what others are doing mindlessly.

The girl ahead of me took her time to make the bicycle away from the narrow opening. And put the bicycle at a nearby stand.

And like magic, the problem got solved. I was standing behind her. And it got me wondering — would I do the same thing as her. Or I was going to follow the sheep and complain about why things are working.

Problem And Solution

Life isn’t smooth and fair. If it were then, it would become an ideal world, and that is unrealistic considering all the different variables.

Your own existence is derived from some randomness and unfairness. But now, you live in a civilization where terms and conditions have been laid down. You are expected to behave in a certain way, follow some norms and be a good human being in general.

But humans behave in bad ways. They use unfair means to benefit or behave in a jerking manner. They ignore the fact that things may do will hurt others.

And you as a good human being can choose — either to follow their paths or stand your own ground. Being in your good conscience is hard, but that is the right way to go about it. But what you should do about the mayhem the others have done.

Sure, point them out. Try to make them understand. But if what others have done is hampering your life, take the onus and do something about it.

Complaining is your right, and you should do it. But if it can be solved by you doing something — go ahead and get it done. Your life would become simpler.

This idea would seem unfair. But remember, life is unjust, after all. At the very least, you can sleep well at night.

Make Things Easy For You

I used to think that honesty, transparency and living with an ethical code was the way of life. Hence, whenever someone used to come and do the wrong things — I would point out.

Also, I would light their paths. And slowly, one by one, many people became enemy of me. They saw me as an obstacle. Because their wrong deeds couldn’t be fulfilled. I was made fun of, told to shut up and many other worse things.

One of my friends gave me solid advice which struck like a light bulb. There are going to be people with dishonest attitude. You don’t have to bother them. You live by your code. And whenever there is a conflict — don’t confront.

Get out of the way. And make sure you do the right thing. Let others do what they want — you make decisions for yourself.

Make life easier for you. Because as Hank Green said — you alone can’t change the world. But your contribution will be counted when the world is changed. So every day just focus on making things better for you with your conscience. That’s the best route ahead.