You Can Earn A Million Dollars In One Year

If you can convince 1000 people to send you $100 per month for one year.

And that’s easy if you have a business – so you can get the $100 per month as a sales figure. But that won’t be the profit. Nevertheless – you can squeeze a million dollars in profit by few upsells.

So what’s going on – can you realistically make one million dollars or is that number far fetched.

Go and start a lemonade stand – sell it for $2 such that your profit will be $1.

By the end of a month, it is reasonable that you would have sold at least one lemonade per day – so that would $30 in profit.

Whoever comes to your stand – have a great talk and make sure the lemonade is tasty. They will come back – with friends too.

And new customers will always come up. So you can make about $1000 per year with this strategy.

Now instead of lemonade, try to come up with something more expensive and valuable which people need. And by the means of math you can understand that you have the formula to earn million dollars.

You just have to test and figure out the jigsaw pieces. Provide value to society, make them come back and at least 1000 people should need your product or service.

And boom you are millionaire. Do send some my commission, okay.