You Both Can Agree On Different Perspectives

Failing in one of the subjects at college is stressful. Because your trajectory of a life can change based on your subjects and years, you might lose. So when you failed, it was devastating.

But then you are a champ, so you pat yourself on the back and start studying again. Harder than before.

After all in life, there are always two choices – lurk longer when you fail or move ahead strong.

Your one year had been gone. All your friends moved into higher courses, and you were alone. You made some new friends, but sometimes you wonder how life could have been if you had passed. Studying everything again seems like a pain, but there is no way out.

You have to get a passing score and eventually get a degree. The world is ruthless and judges you based on your degree.

After a stressful long year, you did pass. And finally, you got a degree and a job in teaching.

When people see the journey from outside, they feel it’s ironic that a student who failed to become a teacher.

But those who witness this journey can understand that because you failed, learned your lesson and worked hard – you are more likely to understand, motivate, and lead students for a better future.


One of your friend, who is a fellow teacher, listens to your story and attribute your success to chance.

She argues that it was your destiny that despite you having failed for one year, you landed a job which is in stark contrast. Getting a career as a teacher despite you being an average student means someone was looking for you.

You partly nod your head thinking luck has to play a part in the trajectory. How else can you land up successfully in teaching which wasn’t your choice of profession initially.

Well, you thank the almighty and move on with your day. After the tiresome day, you start walking back home. And there you stumble upon an old friend.

Hard Work

Meeting old friends is always a delight. And you talked about many things to catch up with each others’ life.

You then told her about the possibility of luck in getting the job. She got furious, stomped her feet, and held you by your shoulders and looked straight into your eyes.

And she said, “You are here because of your hard work, no amount of luck can make you achieve what you did. Be proud of yourself.”

She was close to you and thus when someone snatched your contribution by attributing it to luck, she got angry.

You nodded your head and then had drinks. You went ahead with the day and enjoyed the rest of it. In both the arguments, you found some amount of truth, some amount of notion and probably a bias.

Different Perspectives

In both cases, you seem to agree on. Because it doesn’t matter. Those are speculations after something has been done.

And in life, there will be different perspectives on almost everything. You can disagree on everything, agree on one thing, or agree on everything. It just means you are more open.

Next time, when you are faced with different explanations, nod your head. It saves you stress, and you might learn something new.