You Better Level Up Your Qualification

Education is the biggest driver of growth – you get better jobs, your character grows and you learn a lot about life in general.

Of course, you can get many things without taking formal education. But the traditional education facilitates the ecosystem where supposedly people of like mind, similar age get to come and exchange ideas. Rote learning is a bad system but it helps to create a mass education scenario. Thereby making the education accessible to the masses which is a crucial thing if you have a huge population.

The opportunities for the educated is proportionately more than for a non-educated person. And since with education, there comes language and advance understanding – the non-educated is more likely to get scammed.

So yes, choosing education is the ideal thing to do. In many countries, the government incentivizes people to send their kids to school. Because they are future and if they don’t get educated, the system will fold and there will be more chaos than it is now.

But the future of education is changing rapidly. With the internet and open access, the definition is becoming more fluid and the next generation is going through a rapid transformation phase.

Fast Paced Learning

If you say that you have a degree in coding but don’t know how to code then your degree is pretty much useless. On the other hand, if you don’t have a degree in coding but still can code then you are an asset.

Slowly the employers are shifting their focus from the degree to actual knowledge you possess. It is not all employees – a select few but the movement has started.

Within a decade or so, many companies will rely on your knowledge rather than a fancy degree to give you the job. And I think that should be the fair case. In this open internet age, you can learn pretty much everything without going to a college or getting a degree. And everything is at your pace.

If you still crave the social gatherings, it is still doable by interacting and organizing events from such learning places.

The Future Is You And Now

Getting on the internet is the thing – go ahead and go to the resource and learn whatever you want. At the rate information is being posted and made accessible, the only thing lacking is your desire to learn.

And that’s it.

When the shift happens, your qualifications won’t matter. The only thing that would matter is what you are willing to learn and showcase. Maybe you wanted to learn the law and then decided it’s not for you. Go ahead and learn whatever you want – be it coding, designing, writing and then showcase a portfolio. And boom, point your employer towards them in the interview.

Your qualification matters but not in the form of paper. What you know and can deliver is far more superior than a piece of paper promising that.