You Aren’t Going To Meet Jackie Chan

Growing up, my hero has been Jackie Chan. I started watching movies related to fight because of my father. I remembered – it was Bruce Lee with whom I felt an instant connection.

He was powerful, made noises which were gripping & inspiration for all fighters. Sad it is, that he didn’t live long enough.

But that proves how much of a magnetic person he is. Because despite his small career – he made a big impact on everything & everyone for generations to come.

Jackie Chan was one of us who adored Bruce Lee. No wonder when Bruce Lee died, Jackie was cast in many movies with the title, ‘the next Bruce Lee’. But his movies were failing. People wanted to see Bruce Lee & not some copied version of him. Almost all the movies in which Jackie tried to imitate him, he failed at the Box office.

It seemed as if Jackie had nothing for his career. Just when people thought his career was over – he sprung back with a twist.

Unique Style

Jackie quickly understood that there is no place for another Bruce Lee. So he had to reinvent himself because people will have a place for a new Jackie Chan.

And he did just that. He infused humour with martial arts style & people like me got to see something which wasn’t available earlier.

With each movie, he upgraded himself to do more – production, choreography & acting. He could have easily got comfortable. But his dreams were big. To make every movie as such that family members can watch his movies together. No wonder he is the most famous & recognized human personalities comparable with Michael Jackson.

And he doesn’t seem to stop. He still does the punches & kicks. Also, he has established himself as a music singer too.

No wonder, he was given an honorary Oscar for his work which was well deserved. Go, Jackie go.

My Hero

Of course, he is a legend in acting & martial arts powerhouse. But he is a humble human being. It seems you can talk to him for hours. He seems like a buddy who can guide your life.

He smiles, makes silly jokes & takes care of everyone. No wonder he is loved wherever he goes & especially among his team who stay so close to him.

I am young & he is old. Chances are when I grow old, he will die & I wouldn’t get to meet him. He is a super famous guy – everyone wants to meet him, it isn’t even possible for him. I am sure – if quantum physics allowed him, he would have met with every fan & shared his happiness.

I am happy he was one of my childhood heroes. He had many positive impacts on my life. His movies – work inspires people from many generations.

Truly, a legend still gracing on earth, I feel blessed.

Your Life

Your life is touched by so many people. Because there is no way – you can live in isolation. It is a connection economy, you are living in.

And as such, there will be many people whom you will admire & look up to. Virtual or real – those are your heroes.

The case may be that – you won’t meet them either in your lifetime. But that’s okay. Because they have done their work. You have been enlightened, so work hard to move ahead in the better direction.

Maybe they won’t be impacted by your work. But let your work make light for others.

You are amazing too like your heroes. Make them proud, be proud, work better – be focussed & make something, that’s enough.

Even if you don’t meet your heroes.