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You Are Rich, What Do You Do Next

Money is the biggest motivator which propels anyone to do the work – from the professional expertise to the personal projects. Without money, you have to look for other signals like your happiness, satisfaction and impact.

And those are some tough things to put down in paper. Money is simple to calculate and so many people get their adrenaline rush with the bank balance. How much did you get the credit and how much got debited…As long as the credits are more, it is a happy situation.

Want to hire someone who builds the best thing possible, bring their expertise, work hard to make your dream a reality – drop in some serious money and boom they do the work.

All of us work hard to get those numbers in the bank account – because it works. All of the things which you wish to have can be bought with money. And other factors are difficult to articulate and so in many people’s perspective aren’t worth a dime. Leaning on either side of the boat is a dicey situation. So you need balance – some of the satisfaction and some of the great paychecks.

The Destination

All your life whenever a problem was thrown at you, there seemed only 1 solution – to become rich. There is this assumption that once you become rich no problem exists which you can’t solve by money. Health, leisure and relationships – everything can be bought is some sense.

So that’s it – say you become the rich to the level you aimed for. What is that you will do next?

Let me break the myth to you – the first thing you might do is to spend the money lavishly and then over the years make poor choices. And boom you will be back to square one. No money and a bunch of problems – probably more than before.

That is the reality of many people who are rich, also people who became rich without any process of failure and realization. The base of the conversation is – give a poor person a million dollars and she will go 2 million dollars in debt.

What’s Going On

Yes, money is power. But it won’t magically help you with your decision making, mentality and the rational of living life.

You have to make small mistakes when you are poor, middle class to get on track, learn money management and the investment strategy. So when you become rich, your basic instinct should be to invest and then live a comfortable life with leisure throwed in like sprinkle.

This will enable you to enjoy your riches for a longer time. And when the things might fall, you will be stable because of the investment choices you made.

Getting money in your bank account is one trick, learning to manage it, going beyond the normal person’s instinct to spend and leveling yourself is different game altogether.

Work on yourself now so that when you become rich, you become smart rich.

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