You Are More Likely To Lose Money In Gambling

In moments you can become a millionaire. Or you may lose everything you have. The chances seem 50-50. That’s why you like gambling.

There is no other thing which promises you loads of money just for guessing. Of course, you could guess wrong. But then there is always the question of ‘what if’. Money is the thing which everyone can relate to.

Those who have loads of money want even more. And those who don’t have enough are struggling to get enough.

But the mindset changes when you accumulate more money. The definition of enough changes.

Also, the economy wants you to keep spending. That’s how the value of the economy of a society increases. If everyone becomes content with what they have, then the economy stalls.

But on a personal note, you are always looking for quick ways to earn loads of money. There are legal gambling games where you can win. You can guess the outcome. Or play in luck based game. And thus you stand a chance to win a million dollars.

There is a catch, though. For you to play, you have to bet some of your money. And more often, you lose that money when gambling.

Afford To Lose

Gambling is lucrative. But there is a chance of loss. And unlike other things, the upside and downside are huge. Thinking about upside is okay when the losses are less. But when losses are magnificent, you need to think about them.

Hence, the golden rule in gambling is to invest only the amount of money which you can afford to lose.

Because chances are you will lose in gambling. Everyone thinks their luck is amazing. If it was then you shouldn’t be doing gambling in the first place.

Gambling is a shortcut, easy money and also a pit to go bankrupt. You try to catch up with the losses. You bet more money. And by the time you realize anything, you have lost all the money.

Yes, there can be exceptions. Where you win loads of money. But that’s what it is – an exception.

The norm in gambling is that you lose all your money. So whenever you wish to gamble, predetermine how much you are willing to lose. And then only bet with that much money.

Treat gambling like expensive lottery tickets. You have to keep losing the ticket money for a minuscule chance of winning sometime in future.

The Games Are Rigged

Casinos are notorious for doing this. When you are losing, no one comes to you. Or tries to investigate anything. But the moment you start making huge loads of money, there comes bodyguard.

You are not allowed to play anymore. You are checked for all sorts of cheating. It’s as if – it’s okay if you lose. But if you win, you might be cheating.

If it was a fair system, they would stop you when you keep losing again and again. But the big names who are involved want you to keep losing.

Hence, gambling is basically a losing game. There are only 2 scenarios when you can win big.

First is when you play gambling the first time. You bet a huge amount of money. By sheer luck, you win the jackpot. And then you stop the gambling. The second is when you keep playing, and accidentally you win loads of money. And then you stop the gambling.

But then there are mind games too. You think of more money. And you keep playing despite earning huge amounts of money. And naturally, you lose it all. You try to recover your losses by playing more. ONly to lose even more money.

Quick Ways To Earn Money

When someone promises you a quick way of earning money, there is always a scam. Often the person who promises such things wants your money. And since you are looking for tricky ways, you fall into the scam,

And that’s how many ‘quick rich schemes’ work. They take your money as token money. You live in the hopes of becoming rich by doing nothing.

And they run away with the money. Often, you don’t even file for a report because you feel embarrassed. The scamsters use the same trick on another person.

Gambling, although legal in certain games and areas is sort of scam. You are likely to lose money on all fronts. It’s based on luck, they want you to lose, and when you win, you are subjected to gruesome investigation.

It’s sort of legal quick rich schemes which are designed to rob you of your money. The best advice is to stay away from gambling.

If you still want to join in then remember, to invest only the amount which you don’t mind losing. Because that’s the most probable outcome of your invested money.

Gambling In Life

There is a lot of gambling in life in general. The decisions you make, the paths you choose not to go. Or the relationships you make or don’t. Everything is a gamble.

When you go to casinos, play to win money or bet on something – you are simply purely hoping to win on luck. In life, you have accessed the situation, and then you make a decision. If it goes well, then fine. Else, you learn a lesson which helps you grow in life.

Your choices in life are often not gambling. Because you aren’t 100 per cent focused on luck. You put in the hard work, your best foot forward, and then you rely on luck. That’s a totally different game altogether.

So, gambling in life – as many folks say is alright. You are putting in the work. For example, when you open a restaurant – you do it as a part-time job. You survey the market, make foods and sell the pamphlets door to door. And then you rely on luck to make it a success.

This is the way of life. And not gambling. Remember, when you are putting everything on line which when lost, will make you terrible, that’s gambling.

So in life, don’t bet all your savings, quit your job and work for one passion. That’s bad. But you can put some savings, work hard on the side and then hope to become successful.

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