You Are Biased, Not Truthful And Have Bad Perspective

Whatever you do in your life, you will have some kind of bias. Because that is the human thing to do. And you should train yourself to have less of bias.

But why don’t be bias all the time. Because it gives rise to unfairness. And that is a bad thing. You don’t realize it until the bias affects you. So, don’t wait for the things to go bad for you. Speak up, train yourself and be better for others.

Because when everyone is less bias then eventually you will be benefitted too.

Of course, that shouldn’t be your aim. Because when you expect things or actions in return, it is selfish. Although there ain’t anything wrong with being selfish, you have a better alternative. And that is being generous.

Give, give and give. Without any expectation. This will help you be generous. And you will be happy a lot.

When expectations don’t come true, it affects you and you become happy. Desire is the cause of suffering. Buddha said this but it holds true. Especially at the current generation. Because the capitalism world is giving you more things to up your desires.

Nonetheless, control yourself – align to be fair and less biased. And you will be doing fine.

What Is Truth

You are emotional. When you sense something wrong happening, you react. You cry and then get angry. And you make bad decisions.

Don’t make decisions while you are angry. Take a brisk walk, sleep or isolate yourself for a while. When you do so, your thoughts will be cleared. And you can make a better decision.

Misunderstandings is the key reason fights happen in many relationships. And this is because the truth isn’t evident all the time.

You interpret things as per your mood and you act on it. But when you do so, you have a choice. You can interpret things in negative light. Or you can think in positive manner. Being optimistic is the best thing you can do for your relationships.

Truth is the best thing. But if you are unsure, assume the best outcomes. Because that way, you will have fewer problems.

Because more often, it is that people have genuine reasons for certain behaviour. And problems arise when you assume the bad things. And remember, you can always ask about the truth. Communication is the key.

What Is Perception

How do you perceive things can lead how you will live your life. For all you know, it’s in your head.

What happened to you – your memory is within your limits. You recall that story with certain ailments. If it isn’t helping you in fulfilling the present then start telling yourself a different story.

Remember, no one recalls the true story. But the story which resonates with them. In each of us memory or story, you are the hero.

Because you want to be a hero and not a side character. You decide how you want to be remembered or remember things. Repeat things of your identity and discard the adjectives which doesn’t fit in your world view.

Often, you repeat things which are bad. And associate them with yourself. And then those habits start to occur. Instead distance yourself from that notion. And keep repeating what you want to achieve, make it in your subconscious mind.

It will happen. And even if it doesn’t, it pays to have a good memory and narrative than a bad or failure memory.

Your life, your story – your memory, your bias, your truth and your perception. You choose, you decide.