Yes, You Do Have Time

The modern day solution to do anything is to buy some tech or app. For example, if you wish to become fit then you will buy fitness app which tracks your sleep and walking steps.

But often you fail to do anything productive with that stats. So it ends up becoming an icon in your fashion.

You see someone starting a business, writing a book or building their body. You let it pass – although you want to do the same things.

Because they have advantage of time, which you don’t have because of your busy schedule.

But is this true or you are lying to feel comfortable and not take the uncomfortable step. It is easy to live in a bubble of illusion than to face the truth.

You Fail

Once you realise that you do have time but still you don’t do anything you claim is important then it would mean you fail.

And it is difficult to accept that you are failing. Which leads to a bubble where you let yourself feel okay if you don’t accomplish something because you have removed that feeling of failure. You give the excuse – you don’t have time.

On the contrary, if you accept failure as an okay thing. Then you see that you do have time. Which can enable you to work on other things – like will power, resources or craft.

But first you need to stop giving not having time as an excuse.

Entertainment And Priority

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. You are no different. Yes, you can be busy all day and you might feel you don’t have time. But that’s just a priority issue.

For example, if you claim you want to write a book and you spend 2 hours every week exercising then you are not doing as you claim.

Whatever is what you want to do – make it a no. 1 priority. Do that and then do any other thing.

Now once you have done your biggest claim you want to do, you can give the excuse of time for other things because they are a low priority now.

One common thread is the entertainment section – how much time do you invest in entertainment.

I cut down Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix for a week and found lots of time to write my book. If you claim something is priority and you are finding it hard to find time, then maybe cut down on your entertainment value.

One Major Thing

If you have 5 different things as a no. 1 priority then you will end up with no time for few of things. And you will feel you are doing less which will impact things which you are doing.

The alternative is to have just 1 priority at a time. Focus all your energy on that. And only when you feel you have made a major progress or you are quitting, you should take on another thing.

This way you will have time for the thing you want to do the most.


Once you have that no. 1 priority in place, next thing is to get accountable. Tell your friends, share it with the world. Let the peer pressure work in your favour.

For example, one girl booked the hall for speaking when she didn’t even knew what to speak.

That forced her to prepare and practice because the money was spent already so she had skin in the game.

When you do this, you are more likely to force yourself to do things and it will help you achieve your goal. Put yourself all out – the more skin in the game, the more harder you will try.

So let that excuse aside and go make something. Now that you know you do have time.