Writing Clears Your Mind

But why not talk. The answer is clear. Writing is slower than you talk - so you think more. And it needs a coordinated effort in your thoughts and the hand. This all makes it such that you are writing somewhat coherently.

But not always. Sometimes you write the first draft, and it's not that good. And if you are writing for the world to see, comment and judge, then it's definitely not a good read. So what makes the writing any good?

It's rereading, seeing the gaps and editing out the parts that don't. You can do this, or it can be done by someone else. And there might be different outputs based on their perspective. But whatever the edits, make sure that your perspective doesn't get lost in the edit. After all, writing should reflect your ideas.

Writing does two main things - it forces you to write a certain way, see where your thoughts are going and reflect upon them. When you talk, you easily forget most of the things. But when you write, you are writing so that it makes sense after rereading. It doesn't matter if the rereading is done by you or someone else. Writing has to make sense, or else it makes you feel bad for the table. And so by writing, you clear your head - because all your thoughts are in the paper or some. If you publish them - they will be there forever for you to reflect upon, ponder and grow.

It Hurts Writing

And that's the point. Either your hands will hurt or your brain for thinking of so many things to write. Because you will fail trying to come up with things to make sense. Most of the things you write won't make sense because that's the way to grow. , you can think of yourself as some genius. But the real genius people consider themselves as forever students - always on the urge to learn, rediscover and grow.

So let it hurt. Because slowly, your writing will start taking shape. If you are writing online, you might get some feedback. But take all the feedback with a pinch of salt. In general, do anything you like at least 100 times. If nothing else, you will develop the ideas and see how much you have grown. And if you garner an audience, then it's a bonus.

Writing Pays Up

It can help you make money. There are hundreds of ways to leverage your skill as a writer. And it might seem enticing because all you have to do is write. And at 50 words per minute, you could develop 500 words of something in 10 minutes.

But that's just the start; your writing won't be accepted because you can write. Although writing helps you in so many ways, almost everyone can write. And with text-to-speech tools, everyone else is. So, you are competing with everyone in the world with your writing.

So, you have to get really skilled, market yourself and land yourself in a niche where you will be in demand. Else, you need to get lucky. Making a good amount of money as a writer is rare. It can be done, but it's hard.

Why Do Writing?

Because it will impact all areas of your life, think of writing as a tool to improve your life. And in every aspect of your life, you will have to do the writing. Think of writing emails to your boss, sales copy, invitations to your friends or anything else. Your writing expertise will help you.

And because you have been writing for such a long time, your writing will shine. Because improvement happens if you do anything for a long time. And if you don't see improvement, you can take help and get to the next side.

Even your love letters will be amazing - that's a high level of motivation. Start writing about your day, assertions, hopes and desires.

So go ahead and grab that pen and paper or start writing on your laptop like a modern maniac. Because we all are that in some sense - toiling daily to make things happen and sometimes just to survive, it's a harsh world, and we are even harsher on ourselves. If you have a lot of thoughts, it's best to write them down, read them and reflect. Maybe you decide to put it on the world or not  - do it for yourself.