Write Like First Paragraph - Make It Interesting In Each Paragraph

Readers don’t wait to give new authors a chance. If you are someone the readers knows before then you will get benefit of doubt.

Else, most people including you read the first few lines and then start judging. If the story doesn’t go enticing, you walk away.

With so much stories to read, so much entertainment options – reading isn’t the most lucrative one.

So if you are a writer who wants to people to read your stories, assertion and ideas then first you need to capture their attention. The moment they read the headline, they should be intrigued enough to read the first line of the paragraph. And then the second line.

Once you have them in, the readers will create their own reason to continue or go away.

That’s all you can do. After this, you can wander, use analogies, experiment and chances are your work will be read by some people.

But can you do more…

Next Thing

What if you keep on enticing the readers. Don’t let your guard down for even a second – what if every sentence serves one purposes to read the next sentence. And every paragraph serving on function, making you read the next paragraph.

This way, once the reader is in first sentence, she would have to read the next sentence. After finishing the paragraph, she will be excited for next.

It is a tough thing to do. Either you need to be an amazing copywriter or edit your article ruthlessly with the help of one, and then you can probably achieve this feat.

The Alternative

Even if you don’t feel like drawing readers in and just writing what you want to share, you should try.

Because your words get more meaning once it is read, shared or worked upon. So as a writer, writing words to let you in and stick is a skill you will have to slowly learn. But don’t press hard on yourself, focus on writing for now and then as you keep up – this will become an habit.

All the nuances, tricks and tips will become a part of your craft once you keep it in your mind. And read enough. So good luck to you.