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Working In The Cloud

Across the 7 seas in the breezing wind there is a golden treasure where every problem might be solved. But to go there you need to sacrifice everything and live in agony. After doing all this there is no guarantee that you will succeed.

 How about someone from the angels help you along the way. Working from above the clouds – showing you the way.

No we ain’t talking about literal clouds – metaphorical ones. The future is here and it is clouds. Whatever you do, it is better when done in clouds because it is better, easier and safer.

300 Articles

I lost my 300 articles because those were saved up in my local folder and it got corrupted. All of a sudden, my work of more than a year vanished in the thin air. I tried hard but couldn’t recover anything. The pain was tough to recover but I calmed myself.

It is okay to lose your precious things sometimes because it helps you see things differently. And take better measures than ever before.

If those articles were backed up in cloud then chances of them vanishing is less than 1 percent. Because working in cloud means there is back up and another back up. And probably a master back up. Also tonnes of money is thrown to make sure it is safe and as it is.

New Age Working

If you want to write a code then it is better to write in a cloud software. Working in excel – how about save or work in Google sheets. Writing a script – how about writing online in a software.

Because your local machine is something which you need to manually check and make sure it ain’t corrupt. And making multiple backups with versions is a pain.

Go and try some cloud service – free or paid. You will find that most save up pretty good versions and there is hardly any time your work will be lost. So go ahead and embrace the future – work important stuff in clouds.

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