Working For Every Single Day - Taking No Breaks

At your workplace, there is a high chance that working extra time is rewarded, appreciated and may be expected. Personally, I am not a big fan.

If you are working on a job then it has to have a time limit, day limit so that you can have your personal time all to yourself.

And if your day job isn’t something you are truly passionate about, then it would take a toll on you and you would snap. Also, it ain’t healthy to work most of the times. You won’t end up being more productive. On the contrary, you will be less efficient and do more errors.


Yes, if you work for extra hours on weekends. And don’t take your breaks, holidays – then you will earn money.

But you are trading your time for it. Ultimately your goal in life is to live. And not hoard lots of money. Yes, money is important – that’s why you toil 8 hours every day for 5 days. But if you work on weekends and sacrifice your holidays, then you are not living your life.

Your time with family, friends are more important than that extra cash. Eating along in office on Sunday with $1000 in a bank is not fulfilling. On the other hand, eating with friends on an outing on Sunday with $700 in the bank is an amazing deal.

So don’t let money trick you into doing extra work and trade your precious time – which is your personal time anyway.

The Illusion Of Lifestyle

Sometimes you justify the extra working by living a certain lifestyle. My advice is to upgrade lifestyle at less rate compared to the rate of your earning money.

So you never would have to keep chasing money. And compromise on your personal time.

For example, if you live a certain lifestyle on $1000, don’t upgrade it when you earn $1500. Maybe once you earn $2000 or more, upgrade your lifestyle like you have earned $1200. This way you will have more control over the work you want to do. And you will end up living a better and happy life.

Take break often, try to keep weekends as your time. And take all the holidays which come like festivities. Enjoy them to the fullest because that’s what you are supposed to do.