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Words alone might mean one thing. But when stitched together with many words, it creates magic.

Writing is an art because it means you must condense whatever is in your mind into a text format. And by doing so, you discover the fallacies in your thinking, ideas which need more depth and flaws.

Despite all of this, you write to think clearly, make an impact, and create stories. And often involves hitting a certain number of words or character count. Sometimes a deep meaning can be conveyed by a few words. And sometimes, surface-only knowledge is conveyed by the book. So, in essence, the word count of your writing is not relevant.

But then again, we live in a society where we collaborate, and a need to hit your writing with a certain framework might arise- writing for a magazine, writing a thesis or anything else. A certain word count means you have done enough. This is where this free word count tool comes in handy. Bookmark it, come and paste it into your writing and get the word count.

If for nothing else, it's fun to try it out.