Why You Should Write About Your Experiences

Writer, designer, coder, content strategist, maker of things – pick who you are. Done?

Now, share your experiences with us, we are eager and it will benefit you more. Here’s how –

You Are An Artist

No matter what you consider yourself, you are first an artist with a vision. One who makes changes drives the momentum forward and make things happen.

As such, whatever you do – be it designing, making a strategy or building community; you will make mistakes. And also some success in between. Which will involve a lot of learning? And others would love to ride your boat, see you in pain and emerge as victorious.

That’s how knowledge, experiences and perspectives are shared. Everyone is looking to learn. You are lucky that you get to do stuff and then learn from it – but at the same time, you don’t want others to do some common mistakes.

So you pen down your thoughts, learnings and make it easy for the generations ahead of you. That’s how civilization moves ahead, that’s how you move ahead.

Be The First

If you found something new in your field then chances are it will be useful to many people. You can decide to keep it to yourself and use it for many years until someone else discovers it and shares with the world.

If you decide to do this then your benefit will be limited till the time, someone else discovers what you found.

The best strategy is to share your expertise, knowledge with the world. People will remember you as the first person who shared it with the world. And thus you will gain influence, trust and impact. As a result, you can keep reaping benefits by sharing for a longer period. Sharing is indeed caring and beneficial for everyone.

Be The Leader

There is value in following the advice of reputed leader whom you trust, apply the learning from them and make life-changing decisions.

But at the same time, you can become a leader by sharing your expertise and helping others leading a path. One which is filled with generosity, empathy and love. Of course, you aren’t perfect or someone who knows it all.

But that’s not the point of being a leader. You take risks, fall and learn from your experience. Succeed in some ventures and then you keep trying for your belief.

And thus you share your wisdom, also simultaneously learning from the tribe which you are leading.

Documenting Helps

Keeping a diary is a beautiful mental exercise. It helps you relive the positive moments of the day, learn from anything which has gone bad. And then jot down your learnings.

But now it is the age of the internet. So instead of writing your diary solely for yourself, you can write one on the internet. And since it is available for everyone, some people will flock to it and become your tribe members.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you may write under a pen name. But chances are, seeing the immense benefit and connectivity which your stories will bring, you will share your identity.

And day after day, your writing will make you a better person, predictor and help you in making things happen.

Your Perspective Is New

Often the claim which is circulated on the internet is that – everything has been written. And there is no room for more. It is partially true. Sure, there are hundreds of articles on how to fix your tyre. But none will come remotely close to your experiences which you can share.

Your experience on the highway where you got frustrated, called your mom and then a stranger helped you – all of those are unique experiences. And how you present them are unique perspectives.

Sure it might feel that the story has been told before. But none like yours. And people are eager to read about your perspectives.

Because it is new, thrilling and full of emotions which we are yet to experience.

It Helps You Bring Clarity

Writing is a beautiful experience, it helps you bring in clarity in your thoughts. Your ideas will become more rigid, fluid and live once you write it down.

Also, you can create a list of all the things you are planning to do, hope to win and your fears. You are human and those are the things that make you vulnerable. Share those and see how you can tackle them or see how nothing you do will change them.

Either way, your writing from your experiences will enrich your life. So start now, share now.