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Why You Should Continue Creative Work

As an artist it is your job to keep producing something you are proud of. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it doesn’t.

And you should keep doing it regardless because there is no guarantee.

But don’t ship something which you are not proud of. Work hard and then ship the work to the people. Sometimes 1 person will find it helpful and sometimes it will be shared among millions.

Keep doing the work – not because one day you will reach millions. Rather because it is who you are.

Earning money from creative work is possible but don’t put all the stress on it. Keep your day job and pursue whatever creative aspect you want. Slowly you will get audience and you will level up 100 percent to creative job.

Or no one likes your work, so you keep doing it because you enjoy it. And other times take cue from audience and improve your craft.

In each of the scenarios, don’t stop. Each day you get to do something creative is a blessing.

Go make something.

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