Why You Need One Mentor?

You aren’t at the top game of yours. There will always be people more powerful, knowledgeable and successful than you. Either you can choose to ignore them or get under their wing and level up.

Often you are limited by your experience. And if you are someone who reads a lot be then you would have some room to learn from a experience of others.

But that’s a no match to the mentor who sees your mistake, points them to you and crushes you to make sure you grow.

One way to find your mentors is to ask them out on coffee. And provide value to them. Such that they can benefit – it can be a small thing. This gesture will make sure you are noticed and remembered by them. And do this often and then when you are faced with a difficult situation, you may ask them for their advice.

At this point, they will happy to help you. However, make sure you implement them with 100% of your input. And share the progress with them.

This will make sure they get satisfied knowing that you have taken action. This alone will separate you from the crowd.

Internet Connection

This is the day and age of the internet. And as such, you can connect with anyone over the internet. Sometimes you would want a CEO of some company to be your mentor.

Then it isn’t possible to connect and ask out for a coffee. But their email would be public. If it isn’t, then choose another mentor who is available with email. Then send out an email introducing yourself and providing value to them.

It can be an analysis of their financial report or your views on their latest decisions. Do this often and then ask for advice when you need them.

Because of the internet, you can look for mentors all around the world, sometimes from different culture and upbringing whom you like. And since it is an email connection, you can make connections with many people – maybe 3 or 5 of them. It’s like a superpower because for specific decisions,  you can ask specific people with expertise.

People at the top love to help people, so they feel good about themselves. And when people like you take action, they feel even better.

In a sense, you are doing a service to them as much as you are doing service to yourself.

No Ego

Having a mentor might feel like you are less than someone. But that is your ego speaking to you.

Humans have evolved to work in groups and thus have sustained, survived, and evolved over the years. So you can try to live your life with little or no help from others, trying to figuring out everything yourself. But that would lead in long journey and you might make many mistakes along the way.

The alternative is to let others in, take help and learn from their mistakes. Of course, you might still fail. But often it will be better than failing tones of time and getting frustrated.

Over the years, I have built a relationship over email with my mentors. And I try now too with someone new who might come under my radar.

Send an email providing value today. One way to do that is to subscribe to their newsletter and then reply on their riffs. A mentor is your superpower. When a crisis strikes, send an email and boom, your life gets much better.