Why Notion Is The Best Productive Tool

Why Notion Is The Best Productive Tool

And so is every tool ever

Notion is an amazing tool. They are popular. If you are in the productivity zone or someone who lurks on the internet - you will have heard of them.

And as such, they are amazing. They can be used as a document writing software, excel sheets, calendar and more.

You can use the Notion for literally anything because of it's integration and the seamless connections it makes. And the best part, you can replicate something easily, export the documents and do your dream work on a dream tool.

It's used by many people who vouch - they are 'X' times better because they doing things on the Notion. And they are correct and wrong at the same time.

Because for every Notion users, there exists ten users who don't use Notion and are amazingly productive. So, what's happening here. Isn't Notion the best productivity tool ever. And how come there are others who do amazing productivity things on other tools. Which tool is better and what should you use? Let's find out...

Convertkit's Story

Mailchimp is a popular email marketing company. Partly because they do a great job providing you with many tools for beginners as well as advanced people. Partly because their beginner plan is free for up to 2000 subscribers.

This is something no one in the industry provides. This takes an amazing spirit from Mailchimp with the hope that they will become your first choice when you grow in your business.

But Nathan, the founder of Convertkit envisioned an email marketing solution for himself - a blogger. And Convertkit became the go to solution for professional bloggers. This is their tagline too.

Those who use Convertkit swears that it is the best thing and Mailchimp has X, Y, Z problems.

But then there is Paul Jarvis who teaches Mailchimp to people - and he swears Mailchimp is the best solution and those problems doesn't exist. His course is bought by many people and they all agree on this.

So, who's better Convertkit or Mailchimp?

Scaling To The Next Level

The thing is that - once you level up, it is difficult to go back. Once, you have tasted the awesomeness of the new tool, you want that. Despite the fact that the old tool was doing it's job just fine.

So, when you jump on the new tool - it has all the shiny features. And you want to experience them. You love it. When you go back to your old tool, those shiny features aren't there. So, you think - you need that specific tool. And that's where a lot of the users find themselves in.

Another thing is that, every tool promises that they are the best and your search ends here. Before Notion too, there were many tools. And after Notion too, there will be many tools. These new tools entices the people on the edge - and hopefully it becomes a mainstream product.

Also, it depends how you use the product. Often, you switch a product because you don't know how to use a product.

I used Evernote and I thought, it can be used to keep notes. But my friend used it to store books with links connecting them all. It was amazing. And because of this, she could find anything she wanted.

Balaji on Quora has made book out of his Quora answers by interlinking them, it's crazy how you can use a given product.

Appeal Vs. Personality

The thing is I write on Notion not because it's better than Google docs, it ain't. But because I sort my work based on tools. And as such, it helps me get to a certain mindset.

If your current tool is working fine for you then amazing - why disturb it and go through the hoops to learn a new tool. It's only helpful when all of your friends, employees or collaborators work on a specific tool. Else, do work where you want to and it's totally fine.

As for being productivity - that depends on your personal experience. I find myself writing equally good on Notion, Google docs, Medium editor and Hemmingway app. Sometimes, I use the tool as a placebo to inspire me to write.

Remember, the tool is just a tool - to help you.

If a given tool makes you feel complicated, lost or you end up working on tool more than work - go for simpler tool.

Despite Notion being all in one - maybe as a writer you need just a simple writing tool. So a simple Google docs is probably better for you anyway.

Stick For A Long Time

Whatever tool you use, remember to use it for a good amount of time. If every 3 months, you are trying new tools then you will end up with a bad productivity - not the goal you were looking for.

Sure, you can be aware of it. Maybe test on the side, but if your main job isn't to write about productivity tools then better to focus your energy on doing the work rather than messing with the tools.

There is a certain sense of familiarity with a tool. You get used to it. And as long as you don't need to change something - there is no need to go searching for a tool.

Just because everyone is using it - doesn't mean you have to use it too.

Remember, to stick to a tool for a long time. And only at good intervals consider for new tools. Because your specific needs might break. Also there is cost attached to using a tool when you are working in large numbers.

So, stick to something that works. And only when the switching provides for an upside, go for it in a phase manner. And then stick with it.

Slack Vs Discord

There are 2 sections of people - one who uses Slack and another who uses Discord. On a basic level, both provide for similar offering. And there is no judgement on which is better. It always will be dependent.

And sometimes, it is a matter of who's in charge.

If he influencer chooses Slack then Slack it is for all her fans. And you will somehow make it work. Because every tool comes with a learning curve, some benefits and some drawbacks.

If you have no choice, you make it work. And if you are in charge - choose one and switch only if there is some tension and lack of visible features after using it for a good amount of time.

Because there isn't one magic tool that solves all your problem. It's Notion for today. And it will be something else for tomorrow.