Why Kids Aren't Playing Anymore?

90s kids are the best – that’s the meme which is going on. Because you are an adult and you see your childhood as the best. If you ask someone who was born in the 50s will say their childhood was awesome.

Nostalgia works for you and everyone else. It is just which age group is abundant will carry the memes and as such 90s kid became a meme. Of course, the internet and meme culture didn’t exist beforehand.

Everyone is creating their own narrative and it is fine. Because it helps you to lead a life which is fulfilling, filled with happiness and something to brag about.

Now as the story goes, my childhood was awesome. It was filled with many memories – one among such was the ground which was between my residence and other buildings. All of my friends used to play cricket. And for kids like us, it seemed like a huge ground. Our minds couldn’t comprehend the length and width when in reality it was just 50 steps in length.

Your mind is amazing, I bet the same paths which you took in your childhood now seems small. In hindsight, they looked like big trails.

As I grew up, I stopped going down to play cricket. And the new kids took the turn to play the game and I would smile at them passing by. And then all of a sudden, there was no one playing.

The Internet And Mobile

In my childhood, there was no computer or mobile phone. When the phone arrived it was a basic phone and it didn’t appeal to kids.

The computer was a public affair and maybe 1 in every 25 households had a computer. That too, we used to go and listen to songs on it. And we thought it is an amazing song system. We were unaware of the power of the computer and the internet.

As a result, we played games which demanded physical presence. So we were mostly in grounds playing ‘hide and seek’, ‘run and catch’ and many others. The idea of sitting at home watching videos or playing games is new. And I personally believe it isn’t the right way for a kid to grow.

You should have a connection with the world. But also you should go out and play in the field. Because that’s what you are supposed to do as kids.

But the kids stopped playing for a real issue. The ground was no longer available to them


They way society functions have changed a lot. People have become less social due to the new age of internet social activity. People would rather talk with you on Facebook than face to face.

And so they don’t invest in the idea of kids playing in the ground. So they use it as the parking space for their vehicles. The infrastructure is 20 years old. And at that time, not everyone owned a vehicle. Now, everyone has at least a motorbike. So they need a cheap way to park – so they crushed the kids’ playground and made it their parking.

Every day, I see so many bikes that I need to make my way from it. And I am not even playing.

If given a chance to choose, I will go with the ground for kids to play than a vehicle to park. If you can afford the vehicle then you must afford the parking cost associated with it.

Nature And Change

The land is supposedly the same and the vehicles are increasing as a showcase of wealth. Although many are financing it from the bank and buying vehicles to have a status.

Less parking and traffic on roads is a troublesome phenomenon. The solution is simple – good public transport, roads suited for bicycle and culture of pooling. And no running towards a sense of status. Or maybe a new way to using cars like hyperloop wherein there is a new system for to and fro.

Until that happens, I would love if the parking isn’t done rampant and kids playground get snatched in the process.

Kids need to play is more than your savings of money when you park in such a free site. Go and park your car somewhere it is legal and chargeable.