Why Do You Do Anything Anyway?

Why Do You Do Anything Anyway?

It's not as simple as you think...

Take for example, going to office everyday. Sure, you do it because that's what you signed up for. But you are doing it because you care about the monthly income. What if you invested a lot of your money upfront such that in ten years, you are getting your monthly income as interest. Does it makes sense to go to job?

The answer isn't straightforward. You have to keep asking and evaluating. If you really love going to the job then no matter what - you will and should go to the job.

But if your reason was to get a paycheck, you now have that need sorted by your investment. You can stop going to the job and invest your time elsewhere where you will thrive.

Although this example is of job, it extends to anything and everything. Consider, you enrolled to a law school to become a lawyer. Now, imagine there is a rule that you can consult on law even if you pass a new test. Does it makes sense to continue your education for 2 years or you should prepare for the test and save one year.

Again, this isn't simple - if you are in the school for that degree so you can consult then you should switch to the new test. But if you are in for the whole experience, community, peer feedback then you should continue.

Lots Of Reasons

There are judgements in everything and by everyone. And it's up to you - whether you should listen or ignore. The pro tip is to remember, no matter what you do, the society will judge, taunt and talk bad about you. That's their way of bringing you down to their level.

A group is a lot less than any individual. Average is less than the exceptional outlier.

When you list out the reasons for doing something or not doing - it's okay if it's some odd reasons. Your preferences matter and it's alright. In no way, consider your reasons with lens from others. Your life, your decisions and you have to live with that.

No one knows exactly how you feel, your journey, goals, idea and ambition - yours don't have to align with anyone else'. Remember, your life's journey is a single player game. And you decide with your wit, gut and analysis.

Your Past Is Gone

Often when you do something with a reason - you tell them to others. But over the years, it can change. Let's take a relationship example. You marry someone because you love them. And you tell the whole world.

But over the years, you both grew apart. And now, after 7 years you don't feel the love. You think of divorce. But the society you recite, how you were in love. And tell you all sorts of things like - it sorts out, it's a phase and try harder. And it can feel like solid advice.

However, if you have tried all and it isn't working, don't let your past versions or reasons hold you.

You have changed, and reasons can dramatically change. Be brave and make whatever decision you want to based on current understanding. Sure, people will get mad. But that's okay - no matter what you decide, people will make their judgement. Let them and you do what you want to do anyway.