Why Do Homeless People Beg Instead Of Applying To Jobs?

Because it is their job to beg.

And get food or money and then go back to doing drugs or other illegal things.

Of course not all of them. That would mean the world is crazy.

Also not the ones who become homeless after they have gone.

I am talking about people born into homelessness. As such it is difficult for them to get a education or ethics. Add to that they see the dark realities of life up close. This means they don’t have the vision or desire to get out of this system.

So they beg because life goes on.

Consider this with your situation – you do a 9 to 5 job and you don’t aim for entrepreneurship or for a better job. Because you feel comfortable.

Also you lack the vision and sometimes you are in denial.

Most of us are in the loop of this is the best you are going to get.

But then again there are outliers who take risk and succeed. And yes there are people who find a way to get up the chain of being homelessness and find a home.

Let’s hope for everyone to get what they want and more – good luck.