Why To Delegate As An Artist?

Why To Delegate As An Artist?
Photo by Andrian Valeanu / Unsplash

Artists have a way of doing things. Some great writers have shared their unique way of writing. For example, you are forcing yourself to write by locking the door from the outside and permitting it to unlock after 2 hours.

Or you are writing naked - so all you have to do is focus. Some write in a particular type of way. Be it a typewriter like the writer of Game of Thrones.

It might seem weird. But that's the way artists function. They need a certain kind of rhythm to work. Some work in complete silence. At the same time, others work in complete chaos. The setting is different. But it does help artists like you create magic.

Some actors use perfume to get into the character, while others listen to a particular song. Now, finding your groove is much work. And after all this, all you have to do is create. Because that's what you are best at. You don't want to bother with how you will pay, how to reach out, manage your dates and many such obligations.

But if you don't look at these things, then slowly, you will not be able to function. Your art needs to sustain you.

There are other important things. But if you are the one who focuses on everything, then either your art will take the time or get impacted.

Let's take the example of a YouTube channel of finance tips. You are a finance expert. Also, to get more information - you see the news, read a lot and enrol yourself in courses. That consumes much time. But that's something you have to do - that's your prep work. But when you come in front of the camera - you will be relieved if all you have to do is deliver great finance tips.

Imagine all the other things you might have to handle: camera, lights, editing and scheduling the video, call with sponsors and so on. That's much work. If you do everything yourself, you are doing many things you aren't good at. And also, you might be able to get a video out maybe once a month.

Now, consider an alternative where you do the prep work and show up to do the art only you can. Other people handle rest, cameras, and other things. You do the shot. And go back to prepping for your next video. Now, you can produce more videos per month. Also, this will allow time to try new things, answer audience questions or tour.

When you, as an artist, do your art and delegate other things, you do art well. And that's your job as an artist.

Pros And Cons of Doing on Your Own

A certain kind of thrill is associated with doing things on your own. And after a point, you might feel like you can alone do those things.

But that's not true.

Take any touring comedian; they can do managing, scheduling and taxes. But they aren't good at that. It will take them time - which they could have used to do more work on their jokes.

The best route is to delegate them. So you don't have to be hustling and lose your sleep. Let's keep the doing jokes business to you and other things to other people.

The pros of doing everything independently are that you will get transparency and know the ins and outs of everything you do. You will love doing things this way eventually. And you don't have to hire anyone else.

The cons are that you will keep investing your time which could be used elsewhere where you are good. You might end up loving doing things all by yourself, but there will be more headaches because you can mess up in many places. Sure, not hiring anyone else means you might save in the long run. But imagine hiring someone, so you are paying some money. But you could earn more money by utilising the time saved for you.

Your Own Personal Support - Business

A business grows when they bring in new people. To help them along the way. A company has many CEOs - when you look closely, you will find that they are experts in different things.

For example, one person might be good in technical and another in decision making. You have to focus on your strengths and go all in. That is the way to maximise your productivity and make things happen efficiently. Your hours are limited, and so you have to choose wisely about the things where you spend your time. Is this something which will help you grow as a creator? If the answer is no, delegate, outsource, or let technology handle it. If the answer is YES, then do it.

If you get in the bubble that you have to be the only person doing everything, you will burn out. And you won't be doing great work too. That's a bad route to go.

Hiring Manager - Same Reason

Being a new actor who has gone viral is an amazing feeling. You will be lauded, interviewed and given tonnes of roles. Now, at first, you will be humbled, excited, and confused. What if you get trapped in some trap? Because everyone wants to rope you into making them money, they will pay you, but at what cost?

The best way to go about this is to hire a manager. Who will be facing everyone for you? And she will decide where and how you will do things.

And then, after five years, you realise you are lucky because you have an amazing manager. And it's because of her you earn a good amount and are stress-free. And for doing all these, she is getting a handsome salary. But you don't mind because she is doing a lot. But accidentally, you discover something.

She has been ripping you off. Over the years, you had received projects from your dream directors, but she refused because they didn't pay much.

And she had been manipulating the agreements such that behind your back, she took a percentage cut. Sometimes as low as 10% to as high as 50%.

You did tell her what things she should focus on. But she was selfish and focused entirely on making herself more money. So she chose what would make her rich. And nothing else, your dreams and aspirations were a side thing.

You are mad because of this behaviour. But you hired the manager to relieve your stress. The thing is, you do need managers, and you should. But you should hire a good manager.

There might be bad experiences, but as an artist, if you need to grow and do your art justice, you have to delegate the rest to other talented people.