Why Are You Fearing Negative Reviews?

You can lie to others but you can’t lie to yourself. In your heart, when you reflect the truth will be as crystal clear. And maybe, you have to answer it or live with it.

When you work in an office environment, your boss tells you many things as promises. And you do that because there seems a clear indication of a reward. Do ‘X’ reports, overachieve, do overtime and 10 different things.

The joining salary you received was low but you accepted it because there was this promise that if you work hard and lead then you will be rewarded.

Each day you toil hard at the office. Doing things which weren’t in your profile, wasn’t expected out of you – all of these with a smile on your face. But you didn’t feel bad. Because it will all be worth it at the end of the year. Each of your input will be taken care of and you will be propelled to become even better.

And then you get all excited for the big day…

The Year Review

Suddenly, your boss isn’t that friendly. You go in with a smile and there is a no expression face waiting to grill you.

They ask you – what have you done?

You go back in shock. Because all the year you have been working with the same boss and she knows all the hard work, overtime and compromises you did. You were looking forward to a review where she would praise you like every day and finally give you the raise which you deserve.

But then you think, maybe this is a process. So you list down all the achievements you did.

Your boss doesn’t move an inch. And asks again – what have you done extra?

This question baffles you. Because you did over and above your job requirements already. And your boss already knows this. But won’t acknowledge it in this review meeting.

You feel betrayed. Because all those promises, smiles were fake. And even if you would have toiled harder sacrificing your personal time overwork, your boss would still behave exactly the same.

And then give you average rating so you get just enough to get by. The rewards weren’t aligned with the work you put in.

It felt like you were a modern slave. And your boss was using every advantage at her hand to make you suffer. You wanted to cry and shout – but all you could do was stare at the boss with disbelief.

The Resignation

Your hopes, dreams, and trust have been shattered. So you don’t feel like you belong. You redo your resume and start applying to different companies. Staying any longer would be a foolish act because you know how they will treat next year too.

But the job market is not that great. Because you aren’t the only one who has been deceived.

There are many people who are trying hard to switch the job in hopes of a better income, trust, and transparency. You get a few calls, some interviews but no job offer.

You get fierce in the job search, get to lots of interviews. But you believe in truth so you say the honest version on why you are resigning. But the companies don’t want to hear that. They are looking for lies – answers like, ‘you love the company’ or ‘you are looking for exciting opportunities’.

You give in to the pressure. Maybe the new company is the same. But you can’t stay in the current company.

So you give the best version of the interview they want to hear. And boom, you get selected. At this point, you aren’t sure – whether you should be happy or sad.

The Negative Review

You have given the notice to your current employer. And suddenly they are offering you a bonus for staying. But now you are smart – you understand that it is bait so that they can find the alternative while you finish up most of the deadlines.

So you don’t budge. You work the notice period. The last working day is a ritual to send a farewell email to all the employees.

You draft in the email – ask the boss for the group ID to send the email. She reluctantly gives it to you and then asks, “you aren’t writing anything bad about the company, right?”

At this point, you want to punch her in the face. But you let it go. After all, it is your last working day.

The moment you fear your employees giving negative reviews – it means deep down you know you have done wrong. This is the sad nature of most of the employment cycle an honest and hardworking employee has to go through.

If you are a company then you should be confident that once your employee leaves, they would write positive reviews. And not be in fear of receiving negative reviews. It is all tied to how you treat employees – it depends on you. Now that you know, what are you gonna do about it?