Who Would Miss You?

Catching up on being a professional in freelancer world, it is important to have permission based list.

How many people would complain if you didn’t send out your newsletter or brochure?

I guess none as of now. Because I send daily blog and many people won’t complain if I stopped. I am hoping that it will grow to substantial people when my list grows with time.

Clearly articulate what promise you make to those that give you permission.

If you give me the permission to send you daily blog – my promise is that I will show up with nuanced, deep and sometimes fictitious approach to highlight the shortcomings, give you perspectives and help you in becoming better.

Drip by drip – I will stand there to give you the overall growth you deserve and aim for.

What makes your marketing anticipated, personal and relevant?

My blog touches people lives and such when you think over it and apply it helps you get better.

My goal isn’t to make you deceive or hide behind the social structure. I write what I observe and my opinions and thought process is – and that is what makes it personal and relevant to people who care.

What could you promise that people would look forward to?

My promise is a daily blog to inspire, connect, share perspective, sometimes opinion or rant and many times a fun to read assertion.

Thank you for staying – I look forward to serving you.