Who Is Keeping The Perfect Score

The game of chess is challenging like every other sport. You move fast and you lose, you move slow and still you can make wrong decision. Nothing is guaranteed and you can win even when all your chips are down.

It is a fascinating game – sometimes you might win because the other person played some wrong move.

You lose most of the times when you are starting out and then star winning some games. And if you try to master the learnings, you will go up the ladder. Or you might switch to something other where you win often.

You don’t want to lose. When you were kid, often you were said play so that you enjoy the process. But growing up, you want to play games where you would end up being top 3. Playing for fun is lost in the process.

Of course, hone your skills where you are winning like a boss, but it is alright to play at games where you don’t play fine. Because your friends will enjoy it. And you can cheer on. Also we need someone to lose the game too, right?

Wins and losses – you are chasing some kind of perfect score to become the best. But who is keeping the scores.

Doing New Things

Yes, it is scary to try new things because they are uncomfortable and failure rate is high. You try new things and boom you get rejected.

How many times you failed or didn’t reach where you anticipated? 10, 20 or 100. Are you keeping a score of all the times you failed. I do because it helps me see I am moving in the right direction.

Rejection or failure means I tried someone new which is uncomfortable for me. And I then filter them out to work on select few things.

But no one else is keeping a score of how many times you screwed up. Because they have their own failures to remember and work upon.

It might seem the society is seeing your every move and you need to keep the steps lightly. But it is alright – you can fail as many times you want as long as you don’t die. Want to give a speech, go on. It is alright if you fumble on the stage, people will laugh and move on to the next joke.

Maybe your friends and family will remember it for long time but only till you make new mistakes or succeed in something. Then they will switch gears too.

Keep a score of how many new things you try – the outcome don’t matter because by law of averages you will win some and lose many. As long as you are doing the work – so keep moving forward.

All Roses And No Thorns

No one gets it easy. If you think the life in unfair and you are a victim then you will live a life with cries and whining. You don’t want – trust me.

Of course, life is unfair because that is life. You aren’t in an ideal world, you have to make use of everything you have and do the work that matters to you. Fine if you fail, move ahead and work on the next available project.

Someone might get a headstart but they will some different challenges, a reputation to keep up and many competition at an early stages.

Your life is unique and so is others. Comparison will lead to many disappointments – have a forward momentum but make sure your reference is yourself and you propel yourself to the goal you had aligned for yourself.


See any athlete of high performance – they can’t deliver the high scores each time they play. But they play regardless, show up at practice and stay humble.

By practicing even after becoming masters, they stay at it and can try different things. Because they show up many times continuously sometimes they fail, sometimes they do okay and other times they do great. And when you average their performance, they show the huge success which you see on the cover.

It ain’t about keeping perfect scores every time, not it is being worried by scores being kept by society.

It is about you showing up each day ready to do the work. Now go make something.

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