Who Is Banksy?

Three people, two approaches. Shepherd Fairey and Banksy risked Jail time to create art. While Jeff Jones risked bankruptcy to create complicated works of art. But one of them is anonymous – who is Banksy?

Truth is Truth

Isaac Newton spent most of the times predicting end and some of the weird things which can be classified as foolish. But that doesn’t change the fact that Newton’s law of gravity is true.

Kepler worked for Tycho who had a pet moose and he made a gold nose for her real nose replacement. Once he gave the pet moose Danish beer such that she felt and died. But that didn’t change the fact that the Keplers explanation of supernova is true and breakthrough.

Or consider Einstein who wasn’t convinced about Quantum Physics for about a decade. But that didn’t matter because as long they discovered the truth isn’t related to their other weird ideas or things.

Your Culture

When Stephen King wrote a novel under Richard, the books didn’t sell well. But once the real author was known the sales spiked. In our culture, it is important from whom the creation is coming from.

Consider this – is it okay to listen to Michael Jackson song or laugh at Woody Allen joke?

In 1910, there was not much opportunity for females. One of female created a readymade – which is buying something industrial made and calling it art. But pulling it off was difficult in those times.

Duchamp entered it under his name while blurring the origin of art. That fountain art changed the course of modern art. And it only happened because Duchamp put his name on it. Slowly he kept on taking credit. The origin of work matters in culture – it wouldn’t matter if she had written some science paper.

Secret Identity

Batman’s secret identity is billionaire Bruce Wayne And Wayne’s secret identity is Batman. And Batman needs the secret identity because that makes sure that the idea lives on- so if Bruce dies then someone can take his place.

Superman’s secret identity is Clark Kent but Clark Kent doesn’t have any secret identity because of Superman cane first. But Superman needs Clark because Clark is insecure and Superman has to be an ideal hero so that people can dream

Who Is Banksy

Robins secret identity is Banksy And has been making art for so long. Only now he is charging astronomical price.

Knowing Banksy real name doesn’t change anything about art but his art sells because there is a secret identity. You change your perception about art based on where the art comes from.

Hilma Af Klint painted more than 10000 paintings. But in her will, she instructed to keep her painting secret for at least 20 years. In her case, her secret was that she was a painter. It would be awesome instead she had chosen Banksy route and have a secret identity instead.

The New Culture

Now there are less and fewer gatekeepers. The culture is shifting from where it came from to what it can do for you.

Which allows an extraordinary talent can rise to the top.

You have a chance to create something and contribute to culture – especially when people are looking for Newtonian truth.